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They’re good, but often very complicated, historical and requiring a lot of setup. My standard response is “I know what I’m doing! Oh, wait, I don’t.” XD

Lol! Exactly the same for me I started co-writing with @rusted-knight cos his first draft was so intriguing and it had the structure and he has all the complicated, historical setup and reference to work with.

Like, one of the most interesting things I’ve noticed is what’s literally called ‘right brain mode’ though you can also just call it ‘in the zone’. When your brain starts using the right side of the brain to process information, you literally feel different. I don’t know how to explain it, but I think you know what I’m talking about. I’ll usually get it while I’m drawing, drafting, or listening to music.

Yes! I’ve heard that one (and felt it). I am soooooo right-brained in a more left-brained family and I’ll do something new that’s artistic or crafty and they’ll be like “FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS TO THE LETTER!!!” and I’ll be like “I’M RIGHT-BRAINING HERE THE INSTRUCTIONS DON’T HELP ME SO JUST HOLD YOUR WAFFLE!!!!!” except, since I have the spine of a chicken nugget I don’t actually say that XD. I seriously will do projects like follow the instructions carefully to make something that looks horrible and nothing like the picture and then go back and just free hand (right-brain) it and make something completely different and pretty. And then. Somehow two hours pass!!!And I have no clue how I did anything.
This happens a lot XD.
Oh have you heard about DNA memory? It’s really cool like sometimes if someone has a transplant or something they’ll get a couple of the memories or attitudes of the organ-donor. Or like, some cases when somebody’s shot in the head and suddenly they acquire this crazy skill. Did ya know the mind actually does have an eye-shaped organ right on your forehead?

There are more than eighty kinds since anything can be connected to anything else. But you have (At least) grapheme-color (Letters and numbers have color), and chromesthesia (Sounds have color).

Whoa that’s a lotta kinds (I seriously read the word ‘eight’ like twice before I noticed the y). That’s cool!

Yeah, I have no idea how that works, but I totally agree on ‘double-u’. That’s just plain wrong! English is the only language I know that does that XD

Lol my Mom, after years of us, was like; it never even crossed my mind to question all these rules until I had kids. But like, who decided on double-u?! And English is like the only language that has contests to reward people who spell correctly!

I love how Faye is actually funny in a really different way than Liorah. Liorah is snarky and sassy while talking to people, that’s just how she works. She’s confident enough that she’s comfortable with using her voice and making people listen to her, and she isn’t worried about hurting anyone’s feelings if she thinks they deserve it. On the other hand, Faye, (My smol, precious cinnamon roll!) is extremely shy, nice, and dedicates most of her existence to ‘don’t rock the boat’. (That’s one of her worst flaws) She’s kind of self-deprecating and ironic, but only in narration, and even that is in a really sweet, innocent way. Liorah’s remarks will sometimes get downright mean.

Aw Faye…*(yeah that’d be one of my worst flaws too ‘don’t rock the boat’)*
Oh yeah! I’ve thrown my shoe before! *for years Mom had to keep reminding me to wear shoes outside lol I hate shoes. A lot.* I love how while running from someone she still hobbles back on one foot to grab her shoe!

Oh, I actually read the first Wingfeather saga book! You’re totally right, the narration had me laughing several times, as did the names. (Dark sea of Darkness and Gnag the Nameless come to mind XD)

Lol ikr! But I haven’t finished it yet don’t tell me what happens!

One of my favorite authors for prose is Katherine Rundell. Her prose is pretty simple, but she has a way of saying things that are really striking, or really funny. Her books also have spectacular aesthetics and the coolest characters. I’ve read Rooftoppers and the Wolf Wilder, and I loved both!

Ooh cool!

Oh, I actually just checked that out and it looks really cool! I have a weakness for fairytale retellings (done well). I enjoyed the Lunar Chronicles, and though it isn’t my all-time favorite, I still enjoyed it. Do you recommend Shadow of the Bear?

Yeah the Lunar Chronicles (at the least the first two books which is all I’ve read XD) had a great aesthetic but Cinder and Prince Kai just seemed too ‘dream girl/dream boy’ to me, I didn’t mind Wolf and Scarlet so much with that but both ships felt underdeveloped and neither of them was actually love but romantic attraction. I feel like her theme on manipulation was interesting but a little confused like the author hadn’t decided what she believed about it herself but then maybe it was just building for the next books. But it had such a fascinating setting I could almost see it in Manga ya’know? And the plot idea was cool and intriguing. It was nice, but I feel like she could’ve layered her theme more it was a great theme to look at and I wasn’t all-in on the ships but I’m not a particularly romantic person there XD.
I would absolutely recommend Shadow of the Bear, which is really funny cos it has most of my ‘turn-offs’; girly girls, characters who make stupid decisions, high idealism, and romance (gag-reflex, although I would like to make a distinction between romance and shipping cos I love ships I just can’t stand impractical gushiness). But it pulled it off without being preachy or dream-character stereotyping. Half the story is between the lines if you blink you’ll miss it, like the author herself is trying to protect her younger audience from her own themes. Also I loved Rose and Fish, but Fish doesn’t get much screen-time in the first book (Fish is awesome). I liked that the two sisters each were very different with different strengths and weaknesses that were used to compliment each other instead of pitting one sister against the other. The characters really made the story I had so much fun reading about them, it had such a sweetness to it without being stupidly cliché, also did I mention I loved Rose and Fish!

I think this can be carried too far, obviously, it’s still important that right and wrong aren’t blended together. But I feel like really often, the ‘good guys’ will do genuinely awful things that we just kinda accept because they have the good guys label.

See I once watched this cartoon called Megamind that followed that theme lol it was pretty good although not particularly deep but it was pretty funny! But it addressed how the good-guy/bad-guy label gave the superhero (the antagonist) a free-pass for everything while the supervillain (the MC) never got a free-pass for anything growing-up and just decided to roll with it.

Characters who are perfect in every way used to be a thing in the Victorian age, under the mindset of teaching morals like ‘good is rewarded’. *Cough* Henty heroes *Cough* But perfect characters are… boring. Like, really dull. And they don’t accurately portray the struggles people go through, even good people.

Henty heroes. Yep, that’s exactly the problem. If you ever try to actively search for ‘Christian literature’ they’re basically all perfect, flawless Henty heroes with feel-goody plots and pretty cliché themes. I consider movies like Person of Interest or the Giver to be more the substance of actual Christian fiction because it has moral thought-proving themes that aren’t preachy.
And it’s not even accurate! If you even glance over saints’ lives those people are freaking crazy, they break all social convention! And it was realistic, saints had to rebuild and rebuild and fall and get up there’s no such thing as a genuine Henty hero in real life! (unless he’s like either a narcissist or a person so insecure he wouldn’t break any convention or risk anything against peer pressure).

Like, never, but I have been inspired by flawed, messed-up characters who are constantly failing but keep scraping themselves together and keep going. And like how villains used to be pure evil, but that isn’t interesting or realistic either.

See, people who write that stuff are the most uptight people in existence (coming from someone who has tried the ‘perfect’ standard). It’s a very deep-rooted insecurity and one of the devil’s most powerful tools to convince people that ‘perfect’ is this picture-perfect completely-conformist never-fail-safe state of nothing. But it’s not, it’s the write-kill mindset for Christian fiction!

Still, I feel like hero/villain dynamics fall into that category. It would be awesome to read about a character who does things for a reason they believe to be good and it gets darker and darker and about halfway, the character just realizes what they’ve done and redeems themselves. Like, that would be so cool to read!!

Hero/villain dynamics are definitely not brought to their full potential a lot. Like, if the villain ‘converts’ say then suddenly everything’s perfect and on the flip-side if he never ‘converts’ he just stays pure unidentifiable evil. Way too extreme just another stereotype. One of the things I loved in the Person of Interest series was that several of the villains never changed but we still found ourselves rooting for them just as often as we screamed against them, and it had such a slow-burn subtle redemption arc for a couple of the characters but none of the characters stayed through the entire series on the straight and narrow. Even the one character we had full and utter confidence in his moral compass relapsed every so often. It was beautiful…although the last two seasons had some stuff.

I completely lost track of this conversation…XD. Just to say I want heroes and villains to be treated as characters first!

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