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Elisha Starquill

Now, this is interesting, because for me I tend to ‘like’ intelligent villains, no matter how they look. Actually a lot of the smart ones look really ordinary, like Moriarity (who’s probably my favorite villain, @deeprun. Book Moriarity looks just like your regular old professor. The one in the TV show Sherlock looks like an average guy, to me. But, while on the topic of TV show Moriarity, the way he acts so calm and chill – even laughing or casually chewing gum – at horrifying things or during horrifying times is also what makes him frightening, despite how ordinary he looks.)

But what makes these intelligent villains extremely creepy is when they are so so so clever and they anticipate everything the good guys do and it just…gives me the chills. At how intelligence can be twisted and used for evil. But at the same time what they do makes sense and it’s all so clever.

AND THEN when the heroes manage to outsmart even them, I get a huge dopamine rush. 😛

(I feel like I’m not quite on topic here but whatever XD)

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