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Bethania Gauterius

I don’t think villains have to be physically intimidating. They should probably be intimidating or unsettling in some way, or at least intimidate and unsettle their opponent. I’d be much more interested in seeing or reading about a villain who is average-looking or even conventionally attractive than one who is ugly. It just seems like a cop-out to avoid actually developing the character. Just recently my family was watching a show where the bad guy was so decidedly designed to look evil. I already don’t like that show, but that just gave me another reason to make fun of it.

I don’t think we should all stop writing physically frightening villains, because evil is frightening. But we should definitely think about why we’re doing it, and develop the villain beyond that. And only giving deformities and dark eyes to the villains is rather problematic. I’m not sure why dark eyes are scary though–I’d be intimidated by someone with colored eyes, I think. (I have dark eyes though so I might be biased XD)

So basically, Evil is frightening, but not all Evil appears so. In my experience, Evil hides itself under positive or at least not concerning traits.

"For He knows our frame; He remembers that we are dust." - Psalm 103:14

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