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Winter Rose


Great question! These are a few thoughts I had on it:

Since a villain is supposed to be evil, we often give him features associated with evil. Dark clothing tells readers that this person chose to appear negatively, that he chose to hide from the light and embrace the shadows. Physical features can also reflect villiany. Scars indicate a troubled past and eyes are some of the most memorable and expressive features in people. When  you give a villain exceptionally dark eyes, it is showing that the essence of his personality is corrupted.

Since heroes are supposed to be the ones we root for, readers want him to be a person they can admire in nearly every way, including his appearance.  People want perfection, so their role models/heroes also have to be “perfect”.

But like @taylorclogston said, that doesn’t make it right to always have a gorgeous proantagonist. We also have to remember that our good characters’ beauty should be on the inside, regardless of whether they are physically attractive or not.

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“…I’m not the same person that I was…”
“Some folks only grow more beautiful.”

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