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Linyang Zhang

I’m currently working on maybe four different things, but I’ll give you the blurbs of two of them. The first is a crime fiction, and the second a fantasy web serial.

The Mafia of Heather Flights –

Micah Radcliffe is one of the youngest and most successful businessmen in Heather Flights, CEO of the company Rose Corp. But in reality, he is just one of the many leaders of organized crime that run the underworld beneath the isolated city. However, when he refuses a deal with a mysterious drug dealer, the world which he has carefully constructed around himself begins to fall apart…

Ethan Radcliffe has always lived in his brother’s shadow. He’s fine with it; after all, he’s considered cowardly and weak by most of the people around him. But what is this wrenching feeling around his heart? Ethan thought that maybe doing something drastic would ease his burden, but now he just feels more guilty than ever. In his new position, however, and with the help of two people who shouldn’t exist, he starts seeing things in a different light…

A story of two brothers, a dying experiment, guilt and revenge, all in this isolated city of Heather Flights…

Those Who Were Given Another Yesterday –

Nine characters are trapped in a time loop. Yesterday they were friends, tomorrow they will be enemies. Today…they can only live in the present.

With memories being constantly wiped and identities exchanged with every reset, can the nine of them work together to break the loop? Or will they be forced to relive these few months of their lives forever?

"I set a melody upon the scenery I saw outside my window;
It's beginning in my spacy world."
- TK

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