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Hello! I’m an INFJ-t, and you have several of those already, but I’ll just second everything said before. There seems to be a vast population of INFJ’s on SE, I’ve ‘met’ several already! Well, one of the key traits of the INFJ is that they prefer writing over talking and tend to have a knack for creative writing, so I guess it’s to be expected.

1)ย  How do you react to the danger of the unknown?

I research it until it holds no surprises XD My first instinct, when faced with a new project/ situation, is to research it extensively. It’s become kind of a habit. I really, really hate being caught by surprise and forced to improvise. I can do it if I really need to, but it’s always awkward, upsetting, and uncomfortable.

2)ย  How big is your friend group?ย  (or how big would you like to be?)

Really small, especially friends that I actually see IRL. I have a lot of long-distance friendships. (I’m actually much more comfortable with those.)

I tend to be pretty awful at handling social situations where I don’t feel comfortable. (I’m a horribly shy person unless I put on a ‘sparkly extrovert’ persona XD Which, btw, is extremely exhausting.) Outwardly, I seem fine, just really quiet, aloof, and stiff, but my internal monologue is something like, “Oh, no, someone talked to me. Now what? What are words? How does a human respond to this? This is so awkward. I’m messing this up.”

I always need a few minutes to figure people out over small-talk, then I start matching their attitude. I don’t really think about this, it just kinda happens.

3)ย  What would be the first thing you do on Saturday morning after a long, stressful week?

I’ll often text a friend, or do something relaxing that doesn’t require much work, such as drawing or doing internet stuff.

Another thing I noticed that might come in helpful!

I’m bad at handling long-term stress and tension, but if I’m in a situation that’s actually directly dangerous, I can usually react logically, without freezing up or freaking out too much. (I ride horses, so actually dangerous situations aren’t that unusual XD)

However, INTJ’s (As far as I’ve seen) tend to be less affected by long-term stress but get more upset when there’s direct danger.

Hope you actually got some new information out of this!

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