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Kylie S. Pierce

Hi y’all! So, I’m working currently on two fantasy novels; one focused on Irish myth and legend, the other just a random thing that sprung into my mind. I want to connect them, but not sure how exactly I’ll accomplish that… Any way, here’re the summaries:

The Realms of Ríogachadan:

In Rìogachadan, there are four realms, and each one revolves around an element, Wind, Fire, Water, or Earth. A war has been raging through the Realms for years, and it seems no one will be able to stop it. But there is a legend…

Four children, band together!

Save the world, and it’s treasures,

Rìogachadan calls for thee,

Now flock to it’s aid, and let the land sing!

One of Fire, with burning desire,

One of Earth, with strong birth,

One of Water, with hope that shineth brighter,

One of Wind, she will bring the end,

Now come together, ye children four,

And Rìogachadan restore!

Now Aithne of the Talihiki Desert (Fire), Brysa of the Frenin Plains (Wind), Terra of the Telchinor Mountains (Earth), and Thalassa of the Andellyn Sea (Water) are learning that Rìogachadan wasn’t always divided into four parts. Could they be the ones of the prophecy?

The Secret Selkie of Skyboat Lighthouse:

Aisling O’Conor believes she’s a normal girl. Except for the fact she’s mute. And the fact she lives in a lighthouse. And her mom’s dead. But, mostly a normal girl. Until the night her Aunt and Uncle come over for dinner, and secrets are spilled. Suddenly, the world of Irish Legend seems closer than ever, and it’s only the beginning. Soon, the world is crazier than it seems. And on top of it all, the ancient chest at the top of the lighthouse starts glowing. Are Irish legends real?

(not the best summaries, but I tried!)

"The seed of the New World smolders. Bear the Flame."~The Green Ember.

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