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Emma Walker

@this-is-not-an-alien Haha okay, hmm.
Well oh goodness where do I start lol.
When it came to creating Lepai, I knew that they would be somewhat similar or at least my own replacement for fairies.
They don’t have wings, and can’t fly, but they can teleport. They can become invisible and can sense others emotions, sometimes even read their minds, depending on how strong they are in the magic.
They use a certain crystal which I also made up lol called cyrrail with strengthens their powers.
Appearance wise, they look just like humans, have red hair and blue eyes that vary slightly in exact shades. In their “true forms” they will have white or light colored swirling patterns on their face and hands called Lepaian Markings, but most Lepai hide these markings since it can be dangerous to be Lepai.
They also have their own language, and a hidden underwater city where only Lepai can live.
you still with me? XD

"If your goal is purity in heart, be prepared to be thought very odd." -Elisabeth Elliott

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