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I’m glad to assist if you need help when you get to your sci-fi project, what are you working on right now?

Do you have any ideas for a sci-fi?

My project (titled Ice) is in the revision stage, almost done (I may call it for now so I’m not endlessly editing). It is about a criminal named Jade who is haunted by his past and his sin nature and how he carries out an assignment to kill a monster that is more than he expects. It has themes of selfishness and the value of life, along with a dash of horrible pasts. I intend to broaden the world and write the rest of Jade’s story as my next WIPs. It’s definitely fun because Jade is a character I really like (I have a thing for broken baddies I think) along with his younger brother Fabian and Jade’s ex, a warrior named Marian. I am also happy because it’s my first short story that is complete (the majority of my writing is disconnected scenes with two novellas that have disjointed endings).

One of my next ones will be about a vampire trying to become human again by her own efforts, which is one I also really love (and one of those incomplete novellas I’m going to fix).



That sounds like a cool genre.

I highly recommend the movie, it’s very sweet and calm, and it’s made in Ireland and references Irish history.

We crazy people are the normal ones.

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