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Lol, see with my WIP I fell so in love with one minor character he became the main character; completely different theme, completely different story all the nine yards. *sigh* but it was worth it, he’s a great character.

LOL, that sounds like so much work, but if it means you’re happier with the story, it’s worth it!

Nono thanks! Usually when I say something like that people are like ‘O-k, are you being New Age-y or something?’ Or just like ‘Ok. Weird.’ But it’s really fun to talk about!

Ooh, that’s all so cool!! I’m totally taking notes XD Yeah, I was kinda intrigued and kinda confused the first time I heard about it, (in a psychology crash course, yes, that’s my idea of fun XD)

They actually don’t know that much about what causes synesthesia, except that it’s partially genetic, and if you have one form, you’re much more likely to have more than one. (You actually have at least two kinds)

Apparently, it’s caused by extra connections between the sections of the brain that interpret the senses or something like that. I absolutely nerd about neuroscience, but I can’t remember all the terms XD

It’s relatively rare, about 4% of the population.

Lol that would be a funny argument like ‘that note is blue!’ ‘No pink!’ ‘Blue!’ ‘Pink!’ *soft voice in the background* ‘purple.’ For. Ever. But yea it probably wouldn’t be the same I mean I associate a lot with individual colors, textures, sounds and half of that’s probably a mix of personality and aesthetic preference.

There are some consistencies, actually, but only a few. Many people see the letter a as red, and the letter v as purple. Otherwise, it differs a lot.

That’s so cool! Especially the Old City of Jerusalem aesthetic!
Yeah, my WIP follows an MC from the humid sea coast in a dry town with a subclass of glass people and with traveling striders roaming through for festivals so there’s a lotta cultural mix there with a new distinctive monument/place whenever I need a new plotpoint while I develop the main plot XD. Lol most of my settings are spur of the moments or hang-overs from spur of the moments that ended up not working with the one scene/story/idea.

Ooh, that’s so cool! My settings are kinda basic XD Basically, there are three settings, (Excluding the cities I mentioned before) the Nebatan country, near the sea, the middle of the country (Where Liorah lives), and the mountains in the south. Since towns and cities are few and far between, there isn’t much to describe. It is funny to have Faye describe the desert though. It comes down to: “Rocks, dust, rocks, sand, shrubs, more rocks, and dust.”

IKR! Old notes are just crazy compared to where you are now! And all the different names to go through lol, idk if anybody who reads my notes later (they better not dare!) would be able to tell which character I was talking about cos I changed the names so frequently they might be like ‘there’s twenty different characters on this plot line!’ when it’s just like one who’s name I couldn’t decide on XD.
Lol Ivanya is just too elegant (though just as fierce) for Liorah!

IKR! I don’t really know what I was thinking, but I’m really glad I picked Liorah instead. My notes are an absolute mess. Reading them is hilarious. Like why did I think that an event that I could describe in 200 words would be a whole chapter? No wonder there’s so much filler, there’s barely any substance XD And reading over the old character descriptions is especially funny. Like, Acyn was supposed to have blue eyes? That’s just so deeply… wrong XD And Ferran’s eyes were originally green, somehow?? And don’t get me started on worldbuilding XD

Okay, random question!

What is the weirdest POV you’ve ever read? Like, not the character himself, but the pov in general.

I have an easy winner XD It’s a Dutch middle-grade book “The Master Thief” that I picked out because the cover looked cool and the blurb sounded good. The blurb made it sound like a fairly regular epic fantasy, albeit some of the names were a bit odd. That did it no justice XD

It is one of the weirdest books I’ve ever read. Like, if you can think of it, it was probably in the book. Whole castles getting moved overnight, fighting polar bears, being carried by a bunch of harnessed pigeons, and ample fourth-wall-breaking. (The main character was getting paid by his publisher for the book he was starring in.)

But I actually admire the author, because all the extremely weird plot points tied together quite nicely. The Pov was fairly normal, at first read, but as you go on in the book, you slowly realize that the MC is actually the villain. Like, the tone is lighthearted and rather odd, but the MC was constantly doing relatively evil things remorselessly. Also, the pov was so unreliable because you could tell he was vastly, vastly exaggerating everything. The ‘antagonist’ was actually the hero, and eventually, there was a redemption arc, reconciliation, and a happy ending.

I still appreciate that book, because it was extremely creative XD



"Stories are light. Light is precious in a world so dark." The Tale of Despereaux

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