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Hmm… I don’t know my favorite type of fantasy. I like it as long as it’s well-written and holds to moral principles, and as far as magic’s concerned, if it’s more like Lord of the Rings or even Harry Potter, it’s not as bad because in HP’s case, it’s like electricity in cities, it keeps so much running, and in LOTR’s case, it’s actually goodness overcoming evil or evil trying to overcome goodness.

What do you mean by magicless fantasy?

My favorite movie… I could give you a list, but I can’t come up with just one, probably…

  • The Secret of Roan Innish is an Irish movie based on folklore and history following the adventures of Fiona, a young girl who lives with her grandparents as she discovers more and more about Roan Innish and the legend surrounding her home as she searches for her long lost baby brother. I think this movie is a forerunner for sure.
  • Megamind a comedy about a supervillain after he manages to finally defeat his invincible superhero nemesis.
  • Kung Fu Panda which takes place in an ancient, animal-populated China following the adventures of Po, a panda who works in a restaurant and desires to be a kung-fu warrior, and in his attempts to do so, hilarity ensues. This movie also makes me crave ramen and makes me feel like I’m eight years old again, besides also being a beautifully done movie.
  • Monsters v. Aliens is a comedy about a young woman who gets turned into a giant on her wedding day by absorbing radiation from a meteor. Immediately becoming the target of a belligerent alien bent on dominating Earth.
  • I also like almost all Marvel movies that are cannon with Infinity War.
  • And how could I possibly forget the first three Star Wars movies ever made until now!?!?!? Yoda upset with me is??



It’s actually kinda appropriate that you called me Scouty as that is a nickname of my dog (I got my username from her), and we sometimes call her that!😂

Thank you! I remember I met you at KP!

We crazy people are the normal ones.

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