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hiya people!  okkk, let’s see…  my current WIP is called When Dark Dreams Burned Crystal Cities and since i don’t have a blurb yet, i’ll give a little summary:

Helen, Ari, and Olivia are all some of the most adept minds to chase the rebels through the layers of the mind.  Born into a virtual reality (weird…) in totally different situations in life, tragedy drives all of them to pursue the rebels, who are trying to break down the mind and tell the people the truth of the world.  Then the tables turn and the three girls learn something that changes them forever…   This is an action/mystery/thriller/YA book.

So yep, I’ll give a better blurb later.

Alright, here’s the next one, for my other WIP, Spirals:

All she remembers is watching the world tear itself apart.
All she knows is that the monsters are out for her blood.
All she wants is someone to love.
With a stray dog as her only friend, she lives in the forest, foraging and hunting to survive. Her cabin, the only sign of a human presence for miles, is full of secrets. Strange noises and signs tell her a strange story that she can’t decipher.
Then a strange boy with a strange story appears on her doorstep and changes her life forever. He gives her what she’s longed for her whole life: friendship, safety, a name.
But she is being watched. Followed. Hunted. Someone wants to kill her.
With high stakes and higher consequences, she must unlock the secrets of the cabin or lose what she loves most.
And she doesn’t like to lose.

And there’s a third one, Lioness, but that one is on hold for a while.  Here’s the synopsis though:

On October 10, a tremor in the Pacific Ocean caused a massive tidal wave that hit the state of California, wiping it out entirely and killing millions. The floodwaters flowed all the way to the borders of Nebraska. And another one is coming.
On October 15, Emiyn Martinez was chosen to leave Earth and, with thousands of other prodigies, travel to a new planet to build and repopulate. It’s the chance of a lifetime, but she unwillingly left her family in the process. And she’s determined to save them.
On October 16, Aven King was left on Earth to die in the next global disaster. Her only friend is a young, injured veteran who was engaged to Aven’s stepbrother before he was killed in a car-crash. Aven wants more than anything to get on the ship that will carry her stepsister to the new planet.
With opposite destinies and one goal, the sisters will stop at nothing to save each other and their loved ones from impending disaster… all before it’s too late.
And the clock never stops ticking.

sry, i’ll shut up now… 😋


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