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t was actually really cool since Judy doesn’t start at the most extreme point, where she’s openly hating foxes, but at a more complicated spot, where she was lying to herself about it. Her arc was basically going from tolerance to acceptance. I must admit, I didn’t see the arc until it was spelled out, but it was actually really well done!

Ooh good point! Yeah Judy really did have an excellent character arc, it was beautifully done.

LOL, that’s familiar XD I’ve had several characters do that, and one of them is busily trying to usurp the position of main character. I’ve actually briefly considered swapping out Liorah, but that would make for an entirely different story, with a different theme, a different setting, and like… three scenes in common XD Besides, I adore Liorah, she just makes me laugh.

Lol, see with my WIP I fell so in love with one minor character he became the main character; completely different theme, completely different story all the nine yards. *sigh* but it was worth it, he’s a great character.

do you see entire songs as one color, or is it like, each note is a different color? And if people have colors and music has colors, which one is stronger? Like, for example, if a person you thought of as red was singing, would you see the color of the music, or the color of the person, or both? And, do you like actually see the color, or do you just visualize it?

Most songs have a pretty steady color and a couple other colors blend in sometimes even some pretty distinct instrument visuals like clicking bones, visible breath, and thump thumpy circles/footsteps/knocking doors. My favorites are the songs with the black backgrounds :D. But then like once my sister was singing Lion King’s Can You Feel the Love Tonight? and it was crystal blue and she hit an off-note and it turned pink.
Music is stronger than person visuals, like my parish priest is square-red but he sings in blue (blue is very clear and ranges from alto to soprano, most Broadways and Disney musicals are blue but it depends on the emotion too). But I don’t get colors/shapes for every person sometimes I just get really distinct “feels” and it’s not so constant it’s distracting usually it be more like when I think of that person I have a clear set of colors etc that I associate to that person.
I don’t actually see the color, thankfully, that would be distracting.
Nono thanks! Usually when I say something like that people are like ‘O-k, are you being New Age-y or something?’ Or just like ‘Ok. Weird.’ But it’s really fun to talk about!

I also read that people with synesthesia very rarely see the same colors, so if they start talking about it, they’ll never agree on what color something is. XD

Lol that would be a funny argument like ‘that note is blue!’ ‘No pink!’ ‘Blue!’ ‘Pink!’ *soft voice in the background* ‘purple.’ For. Ever. But yea it probably wouldn’t be the same I mean I associate a lot with individual colors, textures, sounds and half of that’s probably a mix of personality and aesthetic preference.

IKR! The cities are one of my favorite things to write about! Like, there’s a city, Hisar, that I’ve written about quite often. I always visualize it a lot like the Old City of Jerusalem, especially the market. It isn’t identical, but it has the same feel and general aesthetic. Then there’s another city (I forgot the name XD) but it’s a lot smaller and further south, so I picture it completely different. It’s built into a mountainside, so that’s really cool. And in the next book, I can probably introduce the biggest port city, Ticaret. That’ll be so much fun to write since there’s a ton of trade and it’ll be so visually interesting! What I really love about the seven tribe system I picked out is that you can have sooo many different cultures that all influence each other slightly, but are still distinct! That was kinda a spur of the moment decision while I had no idea what I was doing, so I’m surprised it works at all XD

That’s so cool! Especially the Old City of Jerusalem aesthetic!
Yeah, my WIP follows an MC from the humid sea coast in a dry town with a subclass of glass people and with traveling striders roaming through for festivals so there’s a lotta cultural mix there with a new distinctive monument/place whenever I need a new plotpoint while I develop the main plot XD. Lol most of my settings are spur of the moments or hang-overs from spur of the moments that ended up not working with the one scene/story/idea.

Awesome! Also, I was just looking through my old notes. (Which is always funny since it’s changed SO much.) and my second choice for Liorah’s name was Ivanya. If I look at it now, that’s hilarious since it just does not suit her XD I like the name, but not for her XD Oh, and Sahar was almost named Nadia. Like, no.

IKR! Old notes are just crazy compared to where you are now! And all the different names to go through lol, idk if anybody who reads my notes later (they better not dare!) would be able to tell which character I was talking about cos I changed the names so frequently they might be like ‘there’s twenty different characters on this plot line!’ when it’s just like one who’s name I couldn’t decide on XD.
Lol Ivanya is just too elegant (though just as fierce) for Liorah!

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