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Hey hey! Glad to see you back!

And nice of you to name you dream iguana after Leeli, but personally I don’t think I’d want one in the first place. *random story warning* There’s this iguana that lives on the wall that surrounds our compound.

That’s…scary. I am terrified of iguanas and I definitely don’t think I could handle being close to one. XD I assume that, like a snake, they don’t have ears like you and I do (although, that would be a site worth seeing) but holes on the side of their head. What other types of animals do you have in Mexico? Also, just curious, do you know Spanish?

Oh that’s ok! Are you or any of your siblings interested in the military?

Nope. Both my brothers have a disease called Cystic Fibrosis which causes lung and sometimes liver failure so neither of them would be physically capable to join in the first place. The older one (he’s younger than me, but the oldest of my two brothers) does have liver damage, so he especially wouldn’t be able to. And the other one is my half brother (we don’t actually think of it like that. He’s as much my brother as the other one 🙂 ) so I don’t think he would have any desire like me and my other brother would. I really just don’t want to. I don’t think God intends on me to be in the military. Sorry, I know that was confusing!

My family met up with two other families for an outdoor-picnic lunch thing. I also got hang out with a friend I hadn’t seen in-person for six months so that made me really happy.

Aw that’s awesome!!

Ok, random question time *evil grin*

What are your favorite movies?

"There are no mistakes, only happy accidents."
-Bob Ross

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