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Ooh, this sounds fun thanks for inviting me! I’m super bad at blurbs so I’m gonna start there XD.

My main WIP is a high fantasy-thriller about a fugitive prince with C-PTSD (Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) following a puzzle-trail to the missing Temple ruins where people born with special abilities used to train. While the Temple was there gifteds used to use their powers to guide and protect others but as practice the old religion eroded the power got to their heads hence the Great War, during which ‘normal’ people found ways to bypass and even deactivate powers. So now gifteds are a near extinct subclass some of which gravitate to terrorist secret guilds increasing guild and racial friction in the midst of a years long war between the two axis kingdoms of Casumbra.
The theme pivots on addressing abuse, particularly psychological and authentic love verses co-dependency, manipulation, infatuation etc. It also questions the line between right and wrong particularly under duress and extreme situations. One of the bigger threads is respect; every character has different goals, dreams, and world-views and my story pushes how far does love respect other people’s decisions even if they’re self-injurious.
Right now I’m at draft twenty-billion XD, I’ve been working on it four-going-on-five years…
What’s a collage? (I’m assuming it’s not exactly a type of school here XD)

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