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Annnd I’m back again lol.

Yeah Leeli is adorable! I actually had a dream a few days ago that I got a pet iguana and named it after her… Yeah, it was interesting. I also like Podo.

Yeah, Podo is also pretty great. And nice of you to name you dream iguana after Leeli, but personally I don’t think I’d want one in the first place. *random story warning* There’s this iguana that lives on the wall that surrounds our compound. Every so often he will come scurrying across the wall with that evil look in his eye. One time I told one of my parent’s coworkers about Mr. Iguana, and his response was this, “Oh you be careful with those iguanas…if they bite you there’s only one thing that will make them let you go. Do you know what that is? You stick a nail in its ear.”

I didn’t know they had ears. lol

Oh I see! I really have no clue what my dad did in the military, lol. I was really little and I’ve never asked my mom about it.

Oh that’s ok! Are you or any of your siblings interested in the military?

Yes! We went to church then had my grandma and aunt over for a lunch and a small Easter egg hunt for my baby brother. How about you?

That sounds so fun! And that’s really sweet of you to do an egg hunt for your little brother. 🙂

My family met up with two other families for an outdoor-picnic lunch thing. I also got hang out with a friend I hadn’t seen in-person for six months so that made me really happy. 😀

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