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Yea it did have some good takes on the racial prejudice themes and the bunny (what was her name I’ve only ever watched once at a friend’s house…) she had a good ‘static’ character arc keeping her core beliefs from beginning to end despite everything.

Yes, Judy! Actually, I watched a video where someone analyzed the character arc, and it’s actually much more complex than it seems.

It was a positive character arc, but it wasn’t very extreme and quite subtly done.

Judy went from distrusting foxes, (Even though she claimed to be ‘open-minded’) to only trusting Nick, and then near the midpoint, she reverted back to her mistrust, only to completely eradicate the Lie.

It was actually really cool since Judy doesn’t start at the most extreme point, where she’s openly hating foxes, but at a more complicated spot, where she was lying to herself about it. Her arc was basically going from tolerance to acceptance. I must admit, I didn’t see the arc until it was spelled out, but it was actually really well done!

(side character; ok *goes and makes self pivotal to the plot and the theme when I was gonna have her exist for literally one or two scenes!; the story of how my favorite WIP character are born sigh*)

LOL, that’s familiar XD I’ve had several characters do that, and one of them is busily trying to usurp the position of main character. I’ve actually briefly considered swapping out Liorah, but that would make for an entirely different story, with a different theme, a different setting, and like… three scenes in common XD Besides, I adore Liorah, she just makes me laugh.

Yes, people tend to be colors and shapes and particular lines or animals or objects! Every number has a strong personality and a color to go with it! Letters all have colors but I only ‘see’ the first two in words and it varies with the personality of the word! Yes! People/objects/settings have sounds or tastes too! Music is very very very colorful, sour notes shift to a really sharp color contrast!

Ooh, that’s like the coolest thing!! I was curious, do you see entire songs as one color, or is it like, each note is a different color? And if people have colors and music has colors, which one is stronger? Like, for example, if a person you thought of as red was singing, would you see the color of the music, or the color of the person, or both? And, do you like actually see the color, or do you just visualize it?

Sorry for all the questions, it’s just beyond fascinating and I haven’t been able to figure it out. XD

That hurt me so much..XD
Actually second read that actually does have some visual consistency, but it’s knifey different
Li is black and blue, Liorah has a beautiful upward curl on otherwise firm lines , Ferran is brink-shaped but it’s also green and very soft, Gavril is lovely and intricate ‘G’ is usually brown but it’s got a nice gusty white that’s a sharp contrast to the redness of a and the sharpness of ‘ril’ but it’s mostly brown, Acyn is sharp red with some yellow which is odd the grey-white c, Faye is green and soft and relaxing and Sahar is the most gentle, calming, perky name ‘s’ can never decide what color it is it sorta fades into pastel but it leans toward a very soft green which relaxes the a’s.

That was one of the coolest things I’ve ever read!! That’s so awesome!! It’s so cool that you see it in so much detail! I also think it’s really interesting how the names just sort of ‘fit’ with the characters! I also read that people with synesthesia very rarely see the same colors, so if they start talking about it, they’ll never agree on what color something is. XD

Hey that’s cool, I’ve got my MC live close to the sea which gives him a lotta different experience and cultural variety with the pretty hot and humid town from the other kingdom. Fantasy cultures are soooo cool!

IKR! The cities are one of my favorite things to write about! Like, there’s a city, Hisar, that I’ve written about quite often. I always visualize it a lot like the Old City of Jerusalem, especially the market. It isn’t identical, but it has the same feel and general aesthetic. Then there’s another city (I forgot the name XD) but it’s a lot smaller and further south, so I picture it completely different. It’s built into a mountainside, so that’s really cool. And in the next book, I can probably introduce the biggest port city, Ticaret. That’ll be so much fun to write since there’s a ton of trade and it’ll be so visually interesting!

What I really love about the seven tribe system I picked out is that you can have sooo many different cultures that all influence each other slightly, but are still distinct! That was kinda a spur of the moment decision while I had no idea what I was doing, so I’m surprised it works at all XD

*deep happy sigh* yes! Those are exactly the feels (except Chantara’s more boxy than sharp to me lol)

Awesome! Also, I was just looking through my old notes. (Which is always funny since it’s changed SO much.) and my second choice for Liorah’s name was Ivanya. If I look at it now, that’s hilarious since it just does not suit her XD I like the name, but not for her XD Oh, and Sahar was almost named Nadia. Like, no. 




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