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Exactly! Barbarians! XD What I’ve seen of the series, they ripped out the aesthetic thoroughly.

Ahem, that does sound like a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful aesthetic! Oh I can almost feel it filled with delicate sweeping perfume of flowers *siiiigh*.

Oh, that’s interesting, it’s been a while since I watched it, but I don’t remember any of that. I did catch that a lot of it was about racial prejudice. (I actually thought they handled that well.)

Yea it did have some good takes on the racial prejudice themes and the bunny (what was her name I’ve only ever watched once at a friend’s house…) she had a good ‘static’ character arc keeping her core beliefs from beginning to end despite everything.

For the main characters, I’ll worry about meaning more than the sides.

Lol yes! Like you -you side character you have not made yourself worthy of an intensely meaningful name yet! (side character; ok *goes and makes self pivotal to the plot and the theme when I was gonna have her exist for literally one or two scenes!; the story of how my favorite WIP character are born sigh*)

Ooh, that’s so cool! I totally think of roses whenever I hear Rosario, and it does sound a bit… tougher? than Rosa. I think it’s the sharp r’s and the o ending.

‘R’ are definitely sharp like bullets that’s why we say ‘murder’ instead of ‘mude’ because Rs are cruel and callous!!

It’s called synesthesia. It’s extremely cool and I did a bunch of research on that because I think Sahar has it.

Whoa cool! I’m not (entirely) crazy! *lol is totally crazy*
Yes, people tend to be colors and shapes and particular lines or animals or objects! Every number has a strong personality and a color to go with it! Letters all have colors but I only ‘see’ the first two in words and it varies with the personality of the word! Yes! People/objects/settings have sounds or tastes too! Music is very very very colorful, sour notes shift to a really sharp color contrast!

I do associate each of my characters with a color, but it changes around now and then XD Liorah is amber and indigo, Ferran is a sort of brick red, Gavril is bordeaux red, Acyn is beige and bright yellow, Faye is green, and Sahar is violet.

That hurt me so much..XD
Actually second read that actually does have some visual consistency, but it’s knifey different
Li is black and blue, Liorah has a beautiful upward curl on otherwise firm lines , Ferran is brink-shaped but it’s also green and very soft, Gavril is lovely and intricate ‘G’ is usually brown but it’s got a nice gusty white that’s a sharp contrast to the redness of a and the sharpness of ‘ril’ but it’s mostly brown, Acyn is sharp red with some yellow which is odd the grey-white c, Faye is green and soft and relaxing and Sahar is the most gentle, calming, perky name ‘s’ can never decide what color it is it sorta fades into pastel but it leans toward a very soft green which relaxes the a’s.
But I mean, that all fades with personality and setting and first impressions and all it’s really fun with names that look different from the people or when the name is like almost exactly the same as the visual like I once met this guy called Anton and he looked exactly like Anton!!! It was really cool XD

But the biggest issue is that a lot of those names end the same way! Like, feminine names are often -ah endings and male are -el endings (Though sometimes it’s reversed) So I have to watch out that the elders aren’t all ‘Hanniel, Zadkiel, Malkiel- etc.’ It gets confusing, even for me XD

Lol yes! Grrr, when the endings are all the same it kills me!

Faye is from a different region than the others, with a slightly different culture. (Because it’s close to the sea and it has a lot of cultural drift, but I won’t get into that XD)

Hey that’s cool, I’ve got my MC live close to the sea which gives him a lotta different experience and cultural variety with the pretty hot and humid town from the other kingdom. Fantasy cultures are soooo cool!

I do go on sound a lot too. Like, Faye sounds really soft and feathery (At least to me), and I have another character named Chantara. To me, that name sounds kind of sharp and strong. Hakan sounds aggressive in every way, and Sahar sounds light and airy.

*deep happy sigh* yes! Those are exactly the feels (except Chantara’s more boxy than sharp to me lol)

*has suddenly realized we’ve been discussing everything but art at the art discussion forum…erk, oh well*

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