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Tacit – Not spoken. / Implied by or inferred from actions or statements while not speaking; silent.

Faring – Seeming or looking / Doing going in as seafaring. / An adventure, trek, journey.

Temerity – Excessive boldness or rashness / foolhardiness or recklessness.

Dalit – A member of the lowest class in India, whom those of the four main castes were formerly forbidden to touch / Offensive or untouchable

Pariah – A social outcast. / A Dalit.

Bestiary – A book consisting of a collection of descriptions of real and fabulous animals, often including a moral or allegorical interpretation of each animal’s behavior. Bestiaries were particularly popular in medieval Europe. /

A fighter with wild beasts in the ancient Roman amphitheater.

Mien – Bearing or manner, especially as it reveals an inner state of mind. /

An appearance or aspect. /

A person’s air, manner, or expression of countenance

Sparking – Dating

Tintype – A photographic positive taken on a thin plate of japanned iron /

A ferrotype.

Japanned – Varnished with japan black

Japan Black – A lacquer or varnish suitable for many substrates but known especially for its use on iron and steel. It is so named due to the history of black lacquer being associated in the West with products from Japan.

Ferrotype – A positive photograph made directly on an iron plate varnished with a thin sensitized film. /

The process by which such photographs are made. /

A kind of positive photograph, so called because the sensitive film is laid on a sheet of enameled iron or tin; a tintype. The plate is exposed in the camera and then developed in the ordinary way.

Hoosegow – A jail

Verklempt – Overwhelmed, flustered, nervous / excited, overjoyed, happy

Poking – Drudging or servile. /

Present participle of poke.

Agelast – One who never laughs.




Passion = A Willingness To Suffer

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