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Uuggghhh ikr! When it a movie they always try to add/speed up relationships especially romances. Like how easy it is to murder a book by making it a movie!!! It’s like they rip out the aesthetic and the character names and then wrap it up with a completely irrelevant lack-of-story!!! Barbarians!

Exactly! Barbarians! XD What I’ve seen of the series, they ripped out the aesthetic thoroughly. I loved the aesthetic of the original books. It’s medieval, but in a really light way, especially the first book. The overall tone is pretty light, actually. It does feel intentional though.

One of the kingdoms, Unauwen, is described as one of the most beautiful places on earth, and the descriptions make me wish I lived there. Like, there’s a forest where flowers grow everywhere, and once a year, they have a festival where the people throw flowers into the lake until you can’t see the water. Like?? That’s so pretty!? The kingdom of Unauwen is easily one of my favorite settings in fantasy.

Stylistically beautiful although I have a couple qualms with some of their themes I feel like it was very lgbtq but it also webbed some really good themes about not judging people and addressing bullying and prejudice. What do you think about the lgbtq thing? You don’t have to answer that, it’s like a really hot political button.
But the sloths were hysterical!

Oh, that’s interesting, it’s been a while since I watched it, but I don’t remember any of that. I did catch that a lot of it was about racial prejudice. (I actually thought they handled that well.)

Ah that depends on the importance of the characters, the intensity of the themes, the alignment of the sun, what I had for breakfast. I have a list of different names with meanings and with my one WIP I always search for a name with a meaning that’s like a one-word epitome of this character’s key character-trait, his relevance to the plot/theme, his emotional arc, what’s he is at his core or what’s his core purpose, in a word I agonize endlessly for some stories.

LOL, that’s a familiar feeling. XD That’s a really cool method! I have a list too, I collect as many names as I can. For the main characters, I’ll worry about meaning more than the sides.

Like Rosario sounds more ‘mature’ than Rosa and Rosario visually is red and related to roses

Ooh, that’s so cool! I totally think of roses whenever I hear Rosario, and it does sound a bit… tougher? than Rosa. I think it’s the sharp r’s and the o ending.

(idk if that’s just me or if normal people visualize words or have strong accompanying and various ‘feels’ with words anyway…XD. Btw two is yellow, five is red and O is even because even is round!). So I wanted a roses and thorns aesthetic with Rosario so that’s how she got her name.

That’s the coolest thing!! It actually has a name!! It’s called synesthesia. It’s extremely cool and I did a bunch of research on that because I think Sahar has it.

Synesthesia is when two senses are connected, so people with it might see people as colors, or each number might have a color, or letters might have personalities, or they might taste something unrelated when they’re with a certain person. There are tons of variations and different degrees of it. Some people might only see one letter as a color, and all the others normally. It’s so cool! Always a fun research rabbit-hole to fall into XD

I don’t have it, but I think it’s awesome, and I had fun researching it XD I do associate each of my characters with a color, but it changes around now and then XD Liorah is amber and indigo, Ferran is a sort of brick red, Gavril is bordeaux red, Acyn is beige and bright yellow, Faye is green, and Sahar is violet.

Other times I just do contrast with really ironic names like I have a really abrasive pirate-girl called Charm (which, if you were wondering, is the opposite of what she is) and I had with character idea that’s never gotten screen-time who’s a really pessimistic, moody person called Sunny lol. But the names were quick, low-investment names that gave the character free-reign with little to no peer pressure from me to behave in any particular way which is how I got Ehud XD.

That’s awesome! Charm sounds hilarious XD I picked my character names mostly on the basis of ‘does this sound similar to another name?’ and ‘Does it sound right?’ I do occasionally get cool symbolism in there though But only by accident. 

For example, Liorah means ‘Light upon me’ so I end up using a lot of light symbolism. And Gavril’s fear of the dark somehow ties in too. For a long time, I strongly considered cutting that out, (And I still might) but I thought it was kind of cool.

I do try to stick to similar languages for the names, though. Almost all the Lehabim (Liorah’s tribe) have Hebrew names. Not specifically biblical, though I have found some of the names among the genealogies accidentally. Like “Oh, neat, Liorah’s father helped restore Jerusalem’s wall.”

But the biggest issue is that a lot of those names end the same way! Like, feminine names are often -ah endings and male are -el endings (Though sometimes it’s reversed) So I have to watch out that the elders aren’t all ‘Hanniel, Zadkiel, Malkiel- etc.’ It gets confusing, even for me XD

The characters of other tribes often have Arabic, Persian, and Turkish names, though not as a rule. I have a few others mixed in there too if they suit especially well. Faye is from a different region than the others, with a slightly different culture. (Because it’s close to the sea and it has a lot of cultural drift, but I won’t get into that XD)

She and her family all have short, often nature-related names. (She has six siblings, so I had to pick a lot of names XD) So her brothers and sisters have names like Juniper and Sage. Their names just sound different from the others, and it kinda works.

I do go on sound a lot too. Like, Faye sounds really soft and feathery (At least to me), and I have another character named Chantara. To me, that name sounds kind of sharp and strong. Hakan sounds aggressive in every way, and Sahar sounds light and airy.

To summarize, there is no method to the madness XD

Yes I’d heard that about the Roman law too! I also heard like “turn the other cheek” was pretty tongue in cheek since you could only legally slap one cheek.

I heard that too! It’s actually really cool!

"Stories are light. Light is precious in a world so dark." The Tale of Despereaux

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