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It’s on the Kindle store, but I have no idea if you can get it in bookstores. Maybe with the Netflix series coming out? Yes, they did an absolutely horrible job on it. I didn’t watch it, but one of my friends did. They introduced magic as plot-hole tape, added a bunch of relationships that weren’t there in the beginning, and introduced sooo many characters that weren’t necessary. Also, they tried to ‘modernize’ it by making Tiuri, the MC, a classic underdog. In the books, he’s a well-respected knight’s son, with a bright future and a guaranteed place as a knight, since he already passed all the tests. In the series, he’s an adopted immigrant, with nothing going for him and his adopted father had to rig the competition so he could get a chance as a knight. Considering that most of the internal conflict was about how much Tiuri was going to lose if he took up the quest, this was an exceptionally poor choice. And you do not want to know how much they messed up the casting! Series-Tiuri doesn’t have a single feature in common with book-Tiuri. Okay, I’ll shut up now, but I am still mad about it XD

Ooh cool! Kindle books are usually real cheap.
Uuggghhh ikr! When it a movie they always try to add/speed up relationships especially romances. Like how easy it is to murder a book by making it a movie!!! It’s like they rip out the aesthetic and the character names and then wrap it up with a completely irrelevant lack-of-story!!! Barbarians!

I’m going to drop her into the Character Castle right after I’m done with Liorah and Ferran. I’m going to drop her in with Acyn, who is her literal opposite. Like, every characteristic that Sahar has, he’s the opposite. They’re sooo much fun to write together! XD

Ooh that sounds fun I can’t wait to ‘meet’ her!!

IKR! That movie was awesome!

Stylistically beautiful although I have a couple qualms with some of their themes I feel like it was very lgbtq but it also webbed some really good themes about not judging people and addressing bullying and prejudice. What do you think about the lgbtq thing? You don’t have to answer that, it’s like a really hot political button.
But the sloths were hysterical!

LOL, totally! It works pretty well since Liorah can’t stand losing. I’ve never before seen someone try to cheat with chess XD

Wow that is a rare level of creativity to cheat at chess lol.

That’s cool! I love the name, it’s memorable and really suits him! How do you usually go about choosing names? Do you use the meanings for symbolism, or just pick what sounds nice?

Ah that depends on the importance of the characters, the intensity of the themes, the alignment of the sun, what I had for breakfast 😛 . I have a list of different names with meanings and with my one WIP I always search for a name with a meaning that’s like a one-word epitome of this character’s key character-trait, his relevance to the plot/theme, his emotional arc, what’s he is at his core or what’s his core purpose, in a word I agonize endlessly for some stories.
But that didn’t happen with Beyond All Borders @rusted-knight had ready-made names and the extra character cast that entered I gave names that were catchy, or just sounded right, or had the visual I wanted. Like Rosario sounds more ‘mature’ than Rosa and Rosario visually is red and related to roses (idk if that’s just me or if normal people visualize words or have strong accompanying and various ‘feels’ with words anyway…XD. Btw two is yellow, five is red and O is even because even is round!). So I wanted a roses and thorns aesthetic with Rosario so that’s how she got her name.
Other times I just do contrast with really ironic names like I have a really abrasive pirate-girl called Charm (which, if you were wondering, is the opposite of what she is) and I had with character idea that’s never gotten screen-time who’s a really pessimistic, moody person called Sunny lol. But the names were quick, low-investment names that gave the character free-reign with little to no peer pressure from me to behave in any particular way which is how I got Ehud XD.

LOL, IKR! That one part after the golden calf has become a running joke in our house. “Those people of yours” “The people you led out of Egypt” XD Whenever someone starts blame-shifting, one of us is sure to say “The people you led out of Egypt!” Also, interesting point! The whole part about “If someone tells you to carry the burden for a mile, carry it for two” might be referring to the Romans. They had a law that a Roman soldier could tell one of the natives to carry his horse’s stuff for a mile but only a mile. If they carried it any more, the soldier could be punished for breaking the law. I thought that was kinda interesting!

Ohmygosh I knew I wasn’t the only one!!! Be like; ‘those people of yours’ Moses be like; ‘I thought we agreed to share them…’
Yes I’d heard that about the Roman law too! I also heard like “turn the other cheek” was pretty tongue in cheek since you could only legally slap one cheek.

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