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Arindown (Gracie)

I just recently realized how important character voice is, so I’ve been revamping some of my stories to make characters more distinct. At the moment, my favorite is in one of my YA adventure fantasy stories.

The story is from Kait’s POV. She’s emotional, naive, and very reserved. I think my favorite thing about her voice is that she has an a very sarcastic sense of humour, but only in her thoughts. She never says it out-loud.

One of the other characters, Erik, has one of the most fun character voices to write. He’s logical, doesn’t take anything seriously, well-traveled, and really out-going.

It’s so much fun writing the two of them interacting. Erik is eternally optimistic, and a little pushy, and Kait is a hardcore pessimist, trying to remain calm, but still sassing at him inside her head.😂

I love the difference you put into Faye and Liorah’s voices. It’s so distinct.

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