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*imagines her doing that* *kinda wants to see that in real life* Now I really wanted to dare her to do something. Like a lot. XD

Do it!! Please!! That’s going to be spectacular, and I beg of you, make it as ridiculous and dangerous as you can! I want to write that!


Who would prefer a dark, rainy, bleh day over a nice sunny one?

Okay, this is very counter-intuitive, but I think most of my characters. The setting is in a desert, so to them, rain means it’ll be a good year. So most of them actually like rain! It’s actually not that hard to write though since I also like rainy days, (In moderation.) 



New Question: who would be most likely to wear clothes from a different time period just for fun?

Sahar! If she was in a modern time, she would wear literally all the decades at once, and I somehow think she’d love sixties and eighties clothing.


"Stories are light. Light is precious in a world so dark." The Tale of Despereaux

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