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Linyang Zhang

Whoa, this is intense. Thanks for putting it together. I’ll just try it out on my character Shade…

1. Where did you grow up?

In a lab.

2. Who took care of you, if anyone?

The researchers, I guess? I’m an orphan, so…

3. Were you ever loved as a child? If so, by whom?

Probably my parents when they were alive. But I don’t remember anymore.

4. As a child did you ever love someone? If so, who?

There was no one to love. I didn’t see the other kids often.

5. Who acted as mentor for you? Did you ever have one?

Mentor? What’s that?

6. How many people have you ever trusted? What was the result of that trust? (Explain for each person.)

Nowadays… I trust Caleb, because he’s always with me, and he left the facility with me. And also, I trust Ethan. There’s no way he’d turn us in, ha…

7. Who has hurt you? In what way were you hurt? How did you/are you dealing with it?

Thanks to the research, I’m now colorblind and dealing with a terminal illness. But I’ve accepted my fate.

8. Is there anyone who you currently love?

In what way? No, I don’t think so. I hate most people, besides Caleb and Ethan.

9. Is there anyone who you currently need? How do you feel about needing to rely on someone?

I don’t need anyone, okay? Well, Caleb, maybe. When he describes colors to me it gives me great comfort. And no, I don’t think about it like relying on him. He helps me do my work and things.

10. Do you have any friends?

Please see above.

11. Do you desire to protect anyone?

No, not really.

12. Who do you admire?

I admire the audacity that those criminal heads could just look at me and say “No” like that. Every single one.

13. Who annoys you?

Oh, that detective guy, the people on my tail…getting in the way of my business…

14. Who do you not like?

All those criminal organisations, the government, researchers…Ethan’s the only decent one.

15. Do you have a pet? What kind?

I can barely keep myself alive…what do you expect me to do with an animal?

16. What hobbies do you have?

I like sleeping, going to the movies, listening to the radio.

17. What do you do for fun?

See above.

18. What do you hate?

Blood, being sick, the mafia.

19. What do you fear?

That everything will be worthless. That I’ll suffer all this for nothing.

20. What makes you angry?

The fact that everything has been worthless.

21. What are you ashamed of doing?

I guess sometimes I feel bad for the manipulation that I’ve done, but at the same time I think it’s barely anything compared to the pain they’ve caused me.

22. What line will you never cross?

Oh, probably murdering someone with my own hand.

23. Is there something in your life that irritates you daily?

This cough I have. Being weak. And everything hurts.

24. What is something you will never forget?

The look on Micah’s face as he turned me away. And the look on his face as everything he worked for was destroyed.

25. What is something funny you do? Do you have any weird habits?

Um…ask Caleb.

26. If you could erase all ties (you don’t have to); what do you want to do/go more than anything?

Does this include the ties to my sickness? I don’t want at this point, man. But if I could…I’d like to see colors again. Leave this city. Go somewhere else. Live a normal life.

27. Where you are now, what is your life goal?

Oh, I sell medicine to those in need. And my life goal? Just to have money, man. Everything else may be gone, but please, just let me have a little compensation.

28. What are you willing to do to achieve said goal?

Everything has been against me so I have decided to pursue the path of revenge instead.

29. What/who are you willing to die for?

I could literally die at any time but I’d like to die to prove a point, thanks.

30. What are you willing to murder for?


31. Do you view it as murdering? Or is it ‘killing’, ‘executing’, or something else?

It’s merely a means to bring about an end that’s going to hit us all one day.

32. From whom do you hide your ‘below board’ actions?

Just the government, I guess?

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