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I play a Lyon & Healy Pedal harp and love it! I’ve been playing for 12 years and my favorite music to play is anything pretty and flowy. There are just some songs that are meant for the harp alone (my mom calls them “harpy songs”) and those are generally what I love to play the most.

I totally get what you mean! My harp teacher divides songs into categories of ‘harpiness’, ‘skippyness’, and ‘yeah, you’re not going to like this, but you need to practice it anyway.’ The harpy ones are often full of arpeggios and so many glissandos that my fingers hurt when I think of them XD Most of Ortiz’ songs come to mind XD

Ooh, I would love some suggestions of Scottish harp music if you would be willing to recommend some!

Hmm, I haven’t played any in quite a while. I do have another book lying around that I haven’t started on yet that has a lot of English, Scottish, Welsh, and Irish songs. It’s called “Classical tunes part 2” by Ank van Campen. I have no idea whether it’s available in America, though.

Oh yes, Comic Sans is so cringy. But I’ve heard that it has helped some writers to write faster using that font. XD

I’m one of them XD It’s kind of crazy, but it literally makes me write twice as fast! It’s one of the most readable fonts, oddly enough. The irregularity of the letters makes it easier to read, even though it makes it an ugly font. I also heard a theory that the font is so ugly it makes you type faster so you can change it out, but I’m fairly certain that isn’t scientific XD I change it to a civilized font as soon as I’m done, though XD

What do you like to draw?

I mostly draw the characters from my WIP. It helps me get a clearer image of them, and I’ve gotten really attached to them. XD I’ve drawn my MC, Liorah, fourteen times. I draw characters almost exclusively. My favorite medium is digital, but I enjoy traditional too, though I’m not as good at that XD

Do you draw?

What music do you most enjoy listening to?

Hmm, how am I going to summarize all of that? XD My favorites are For King& Country, Casting Crowns, TobyMac, Lindsey Stirling, and Britt Nicole. I also like soundtracks from movies and musicals. How about you? What are your favorites?

Can you believe I’ve never heard of any of those books? Shame upon me! XD A bunch of them are on my TBR list now, though! XD

My top favorites are:

The Red Ribbon, by Lucy Adlington.

This book. It’s plain brilliant, honestly. I usually don’t read slower-paced books, I prefer action-adventure, but the pacing on this one was so spot-on I was never bored.

The tone is downright impressive. I’ve seldom read a book where I’d say the tone was my favorite thing, but it was. The setting is bleak and depressing since it’s set in Auswitch, but the tone was so beautifully sweet and hopeful without glossing over how awful it was.

The characters and plot are splendid, and that’s also where I took my username from, Rose was definitely one of my favorite characters.

The False Prince/ The Ascendance series. By Jennifer Nielsen.

I love all of her books, but these are my favorites. The characters are fun, deep, and memorable. The plots are intriguing and well-thought-out, with plenty of twists and excitement. Her historical novels, (Especially ‘Resistance’) are also really good! Her books are marketed as middle-grade, but the content is more YA.

The Letter for the King by Tonke Dragt.

This is a really popular Dutch book, but it’s so underrated in the rest of the world. The translation is actually excellent 😉 If you’ve seen or heard of the Netflix series, don’t judge it too quickly. As far as I’ve heard, Netflix completely messed up the plot, characters, and world in some sort of attempt to ‘modernize’ it. (It was written in the sixties.)

The world is really memorable, and the characters are fun and deep. The themes are well-worked out, far more than most. The villain is amazing, especially in the second book “The Secrets of the Wild Wood”. That’s the only villain who actually convinced me that he was right, just for a second.

The second book is even better than the first. The characters keep developing and show entirely new sides.

Okay, I’ll stop now, but I could rant about these books forever XD

Oohh, I love this question! I would go to Narnia, hands down! I’ve always felt that it was the perfect fictional world and I would feel right at home. What about you?

Hmm, I’d love to go to the Kingdom of Unauwen, (From Letter for the King) or I’d love to visit Russia in the Wolf Wilder or Paris and London in the Rooftoppers. (Not really fantasy worlds, but they feel like it XD.) Both books are by Katherine Rundell, and they’re both spectacular.

Congrats on your progress with your novels! Keep up the good work!

Oh, thank you!

What’s your current WIP about? What’s your favorite part of writing it?

My current WIP is about the princess of a desert tribe, Liorah. Her older brother is captured by an enemy tribe at his coronation and she has to work to rescue him and prevent a war. My favorite part of writing it is definitely Liorah! She’s delightfully sassy and spunky.

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