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I’ve been playing violin since January, and I’m doing pretty well (my teacher might say otherwise though) I’m just stuck on those awful staccato notes! I played piano for about three years, and that’s super cool that you play the harp. It’s such a beautiful instrument! I’m wanting to try my hand at guitar as well, but idk if that will actually happen.

I started writing I guess about two years ago (I can’t believe it’s been that long) I started out just writing short stories for school, but I was really serious about it. What was supposed to be a two paragraphed story, was a two paged story in the end XD I started one book in the summer of 2019 then I quit in the middle of it to start my current WIP, an adventurous fantasy. It’s about a princess who gets given a cursed necklace and once she puts it on, she can never take it off or else it will kill her. It does end up getting stolen and her friends have to go on this journey to find it (well, technically just the jewels from it) before she dies. I’d love to hear more about your novel!!

That’s really cool! I’m planning on learning hymns and soundtracks to my favorite musicals! 😀 What’s your favorite hymn? Also, what’s HTTYD?

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