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@rose-colored-fancy LOL, right? And it’s a lot of fun!


This one is what my life is like sometimes  . . . very. confusing.
Megyn, when like 10
*studying a piece of music, nose crinkled in a cute frown*
Candy (age 9): “What ya working on??”
Megyn: *Absent-mindedly* This piece.
Candy: *puzzled* Piece of what?
Megyn: “Music.”
Candy: “What’s a piece of music?”
Megyn; “A note.”
Candy: “Ooh! A note to WHO? Is it a love note?!”
Megyn: *didn’t realize what she said* “A flat . . .”
Candy: *now very confused* “Who’s flat or what?”
Megyn: *coming to earth *”What?”
Candy: “What’s flat?”
Megyn: “This note.”
Tisha: * who’s been brilliantly deducting with Sherlock Holmes* “All notes are flat, if they’re written on paper.”
Megyn: *now very confused* “No-wait. What are we talking about??”
Candy: “Never mind this is too confusing.”
Megyn: “Ok-ay. . . ” goes back to her music.
Candy: skips out of the room, shuddering “Musicans!”
Tisha: *audible eye roll*

Later in her life . . .
Megyn: *eating a cinnamon roll*
Jeremy: *sits down at the table across from her* “Thought you said you were breaking your habit of cannibalism, Kiddo.”
Megyn: *confused chewing noises* *cocks her head at him*
Jeremy: *winks*
Megyn: *blushes*


Psalm 119:11
Your word I have hidden in my heart,
That I might not sin against You.

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