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So I just don’t care whether that happens or not cos I argue politics all the time and research *niche whatever* as soon as I start arguing about/noticing it.

Oh, I totally get that! Whenever something catches my attention I’ll often plunge into a rabbit hole of research.

You’re not gonna publish it?

No, I’m not aiming to publish anything right now. I’m just writing because it’s fun and I want to improve. XD I don’t have time or ambition to publish anytime soon, though that can always change.

So now I’m gonna use that to make this villain likable but also have him irreparably hurt a character everyone has to love which is the big rule of hate-able so that they gotta hate him except he’s so charming. So I’m trying to write a love/hate villain aaaand I may have been a little ambitious there…results still pending XD

Oooh, that’s a cool idea! What I’ve so far figured out about making your villain hatable is that they can and should have good characteristics. And charming will totally work.

One of the best villains I have ever read was Prince Viridian from “Secrets of the Wild Wood”. He was charming, handsome, an excellent leader, and so, so convincing. He had a perfect, waterproof argument of why he was doing what he was doing. He was the only villain that actually convinced me and the MC that he was doing the right thing. (Only for a few minutes, but still!)

But, he was still very much a villain. He was evil, and he did awful things. He would burn down kingdoms to get what he wanted, to reach his perfect goal. Oh, I’m rambling, aren’t I? I can’t help waxing slightly poetical over that book, it was so good!

I think the point of view you tell it from makes a big difference. You need at least one character with a strong moral compass, that sees everything in black and white, even to extremes. Characters like that can really uproot the excuses and justification with a simple “But you did X, and your goal doesn’t excuse that!” It’s almost impossible to counter that. You can even just have a character think this, and that’ll make your villain sufficiently hateable. Keep harping on that one thing they did. That usually works for me. 😉

For my villains, I actually have way too many XD I have… *Mentally counts* Over two books, I have five main ones. And that’s not counting the antagonists.

For villains, one thing that’s really stuck with me is ‘Hanlon’s razor’ (Weird name, I know XD) It states: “Never assume malice when sufficiently advanced ignorance will do as an explanation.” The first time I read that it kind of knocked the wind out of me since that’s really how it works. Ignorance causes more harm than malice, in general, and it’s far more common. Using that principle makes for really scary villains because you can see how that can happen. They seem human and sensible, and real. And they still do these horrible things and it’s terrifying.

You don’t read books with magic? Is it because real magic is bad or just most magic is a turn off for you?

Both, to some degree, but mostly the first 😉

Ooh I love political intrigue! I know I’ve heard what high-fantasy was but I can’t remember exactly what…XD

High fantasy is any fantasy that is set in a world different from our own. Low fantasy is when fantasy elements are integrated into an alternate earth. And yes, I love political intrigue too, but only when I can follow along and see what everyone is doing. When it becomes a bunch of people discussing stuff for chapters on end, it feels a lot like checking off plot holes.

“Nope, they can’t do Y because X, so that leaves us only one option, which the author clearly intended anyway and I was just bringing all this up so the fans can’t accuse the author of not taking an easier way.”

Grrr yes that drives me crazy!!! (Especially since I probably would not quality as a ‘ordinary’ and ‘relatable’ character). It’s just so fake and obnoxious!

I totally agree! I don’t think I’ve ever related to a boring, ‘relatable’ character XD I don’t think anyone does since people are individuals.

I have no idea what that book is but yes more disabled/neurodivergent characters that are just treated like unique people. See, I’ve seen that before where the author is kinda awkward and overdoing it in the first book but then he hits stride later on and just let’s his story stand on its own. Or it’ll be like you had all these books great and then you tackled something new to add diversity and it’s like ‘ok now it feels construed; go slower and actually develop these interesting points otherwise this is insulting’

You nailed it! Couldn’t agree more!

And that was just so so good cos it was handled realistically cos yea plenty of the character were patronizing or worried he was gonna embarrass them but in the end they accepted how different he was and that was so nice.

Yes! I loved that movie, and they did that so well! Imagine what would have happened if the entire movie had been about Mater losing all his characteristic traits in the name of ‘character development’. *Shudders* That would have been beyond terrible!

He was awesome just the way he was and if you think about it, nobody except Mater could have handled those situations. I love it when characters end up having to embrace the parts of themselves that they don’t like, or that are frowned upon by others. And when they use those traits to solve problems in ways nobody else could! *Happy sigh*

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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