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Yeah, I have to agree. In general, I think people will always try to revert back to us/them.  I know I’ve faced it, and I think most people, especially Christians, have, at some point or another.

Ikr! And that us/them syndrome just hits everything nowadays! Like teens vs adults, boys vs girls every aspect of personality vs every opposing aspect etc etc etc.

Yeah, I totally see what you mean. I decided to make my MC white, just because I don’t want it to be connected to Black Lives Matter. That isn’t my story to tell, so I’ll leave that to others. And yeah, I’m kinda scared of writing about something so politically loaded. But then again, I’m not planning to publish it. XD

So lol I can’t avoid controversy to save my soul like I be like ‘I’m just gonna write this thing’ and ‘oh look, I’m writing about a plague that’s rumored to be a terror-weapon, when did that get there (answer; 2020)’ or ‘wow these internal politics here look a lot like…’ So I just don’t care whether that happens or not cos I argue politics all the time and research *niche whatever* as soon as I start arguing about/noticing it.
You’re not gonna publish it?

I noticed that too! Like, you can’t make your villain funny in any way, because people will always like him. I’m not kidding, it happens all the time. He can be however evil he likes, but people will like him.

YES!! Exactly!!! Like I’m like thru a movie ‘yyyyyy u like this guy?’ ‘He’s really interesting (=funny)’ ‘but he did all these *horrible things* and man that’s funny all is forgiven.’
So now I’m gonna use that to make this villain likable but also have him irreparably hurt a character everyone has to love which is the big rule of hate-able so that they gotta hate him except he’s so charming. So I’m trying to write a love/hate villain aaaand I may have been a little ambitious there…results still pending XD.

That sounds really cool! I just wanted to mention I actually don’t read books with magic. I do like Sci-fi, though! And the era sounds really cool! My book is kind of high-fantasy-ish but without magic. It does have a lot of politics though, XD

You don’t read books with magic? Is it because real magic is bad or just most magic is a turn off for you?
Ooh I love political intrigue! I know I’ve heard what high-fantasy was but I can’t remember exactly what…XD

Basically, anything that isn’t historical or doesn’t fit in any of the other categories XD

Oh! Thanks!

I’ve found it pretty rare that the main character (or POV character) is the “out-of-norm” character. Usually, the main character is pretty “relatable” and ordinary. (More often than not, boring.) And it’s treated as a huge show of ‘good character’ when the MC treats the “out-of-norm” character as they should.

Grrr yes that drives me crazy!!! (Especially since I probably would not quality as a ‘ordinary’ and ‘relatable’ character). It’s just so fake and obnoxious!

What really annoyed me was how the characters treated Ingvar. Ingvar was one of my favorite characters, but I constantly felt sorry for him because it felt as though the other characters (and even the author) were talking down on him. Every time he said something it was all like “Yes Ingvar. That’s very clever of you, Ingvar.” And the author observed at least twice that Ingvar was blind, not stupid. Like… obviously!! Thank goodness, this actually entirely went away during the second book. Ingvar was my favorite character in that book, and it felt as though the other characters were finally accepting, not just tolerating him. He was an active, irreplaceable member of the team.

I have no idea what that book is but yes more disabled/neurodivergent characters that are just treated like unique people. See, I’ve seen that before where the author is kinda awkward and overdoing it in the first book but then he hits stride later on and just let’s his story stand on its own. Or it’ll be like you had all these books great and then you tackled something new to add diversity and it’s like ‘ok now it feels construed; go slower and actually develop these interesting points otherwise this is insulting’

For example, once or twice, other characters observed stuff like “Yes, he’s really a Skandian after all,” whenever he did something right. What bugged me is that he took it as a compliment, instead of telling them that “No, I’m not a full Skandian, and I can do this too.” If people only accept you while you’re living up to their imagined standards, then they aren’t accepting you at all.

That’s one of the things I loved so much about Cars 2, like Mater was just one of the most off-ball, weird, funny characters you could ever meet I loved him!!! And the whole Cars 2 movie like everyone thinks he’s a spy and he’s pretending to be stupid and he doesn’t change he’s completely himself and in the end like my favorite thing was Lightning saying ‘yes, this is Radiator Springs; you’re yourself at Radiator Springs be yourself here and if people don’t take you seriously then they need to change, not you.’ And that was just so so good cos it was handled realistically cos yea plenty of the character were patronizing or worried he was gonna embarrass them but in the end they accepted how different he was and that was so nice.

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