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Alrighty, I see there is only one way to settle this question of who is the more off. *pulls up Google*… Google! Are there kittens in Star of Light by Patricia St. John?


Google: no relevant result


Hmmmm. *clicks on images* Ah ha! So there’s a Star of Light book cover with a kitten on it. We are both half right. XD

Hey, that works! I’ll have to ask my friend (I recently forced her to read it) if she remembers a kitten to refresh my memory.

Right? And yeah, I’ll put it on my list of books to read over the summer. Any other book recommendations (not that they have to be cry ones, just in general) since we’re talking about it?

Um let me see… The Golden Goblet is on my list of favorites, and I’ve read and loved almost all of Patricia St John’s books. I’m assuming you have because most people on the forum have but have you read Wingfeather?

That’s still interesting! How do you like Missouri? I’ve only been there for a couple nights on a road trip but I remember thinking the hills were gorgeous. Do you have any pictures of Missouri? I would also love to see them!

Lol, I guess the reasons why I moved so much are what’s interesting (I’m an Army brat).

I really like Missouri it’s really pretty in places. I’ll also have to look for pictures without faces for you 😜


Yeah, the first 900 words that I’ve written are very sad. Hopefully it doesn’t get too depressing *face palm* I guess it’s just one of those books.

Eh, it should be good once you get further into it. I mean, I’m not the writer and I don’t know what’s going on in that head of yours, but the way you described it sounds like it has a happier ending 😉

 And yessssss… the planning is crucial. I felt like I had planned so much, for so long, and then I started writing and less than 700 words in, I got stuck. I wrote 200 more a while later. It doesn’t help that I don’t have much time outside of school to write. I’m sure if I sat down for a week and didn’t use my time (or brain) for anything but writing, I would probably get more on a roll, lol!

Yess!!! Same here! I get stuck after every other paragraph it seems like. Oh, and dialogue! Ugh it always takes me forever to write dialogue. I just get stuck and my characters (teenage boys specifically) always sound like 5 year old girls.

I always tell myself that if I had like two weeks of nothing but writing I could have my story done and partly edited, but the odds of that happening are very slim XD

I think they call it a forum signature

Ah, yes. I knew that I just could not remember it. Anyways, I like yours and my brain (or lack thereof) is not what counts.

"There are no mistakes, only happy accidents."
-Bob Ross

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