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 That would be a great story to work! I know I’ve been told before if I want a good job/college credit in the future I shouldn’t mention I’m Catholic and I know plenty of family members who’ve had trouble because they’re openly Catholic/Christian/homeschooled, so I mean it’s definitely a theme very relevant to today.

Yeah, I have to agree. In general, I think people will always try to revert back to us/them.  I know I’ve faced it, and I think most people, especially Christians, have, at some point or another.

The MC would probably have to be a fairly well-rounded character to avoid becoming an underdog stereotype, and probably want to be wary of it being applied to current immigration and black lives matter politics or just confront that one head on cos that political atmosphere is just riveted stereotypes on either side.

Yeah, I totally see what you mean. I decided to make my MC white, just because I don’t want it to be connected to Black Lives Matter. That isn’t my story to tell, so I’ll leave that to others. And yeah, I’m kinda scared of writing about something so politically loaded. But then again, I’m not planning to publish it. XD

Yeah most people seem to just like the crazier characters or characters with attitudes like most people like weird conversations as opposed to ‘polite conversations’. I guess interesting is more interesting than important is important especially in entertainment.

I noticed that too! Like, you can’t make your villain funny in any way, because people will always like him. I’m not kidding, it happens all the time. He can be however evil he likes, but people will like him.

 Format; it is not in comic format yet still in scripting process, on which subject, do you wanna critique in script format or in the rough sketch which’ll give more of the accompanying visual with the dialogue (both of each are a new medium for me)?

Hmmm… I have zero experience with either. I don’t read many comics either, so I can’t give you too much input on that part. I’ll do my best with either!

And genre, it’s…*thought this was a very straightforward question until trying to answer it lol*, it’s…probably somewhere in science-fantasy; it has modernized fantasy creatures like vampires and werewolves and all that is normal but the story relies on technology more than magic but it’s reminiscent of Prohibition ascetic and historical politics (which is rusted-knight’s area of expertise so I know the tech is historically and tactically efficient). Soo historic cyber-punk with action/adventure/espionage?

That sounds really cool! I just wanted to mention I actually don’t read books with magic. I do like Sci-fi, though! And the era sounds really cool!

My book is kind of high-fantasy-ish but without magic. It does have a lot of politics though, XD

I’ve never actually pinned down a clear definition for it what’s contemporary in the writing genre?

Basically, anything that isn’t historical or doesn’t fit in any of the other categories XD

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