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Cool! I like that you’re making it important that each of the family members play a part. It seems like the main character’s family often gets overlooked, when really when you think about it, the family has probably helped  shaped the character to be who they are.

I want to make him more deeper involved in the country’s conflict. Like, not just a guy who went off to be a soldier. A secret service agent for the good side, or something.

Oooh secret services and spy stuff. Sounds exciting! So, if the father is with the ‘good side’ who is the ‘bad side’?

I’m hoping to add a heart-wrenching scene that involves him getting taken by the soldiers

Goodness that definitely sounds heart-wrenching. The poor siblings. 🙁

I guess telling you one plot event has turned into me telling you a summary of almost everything I have planned, lol.

Lol, don’t worry, rambles are great. 😛

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