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I’ve actually gotten that question before on this website XD! (maybe that’s a sign… that I should revise that and make it more clear). She’s feels guilt because the car accident was her fault, and several children died, or were seriously injured… so pretty horrific.

Is your name actually Erynne? If so, I love the way you spell it! That’s kinda ironic also, lol.


Yes, I am really pleased with the name of the group too 😛

Well, Erin’s family has 5 members in it (that includes her). When I was doing my initial planning I put in events that could happen involving each of those characters, so that each member of the family would have a cool part, you could say. (Erin is my main character still, but ya know, you gotta add in the interesting stuff  😛 )

I’ve not developed it yet, but I’m hoping to center most of the exciting drama around the father. He leaves at the beginning to fight, like I mentioned, but I want to make him more deeper involved in the country’s conflict. Like, not just a guy who went off to be a soldier. A secret service agent for the good side, or something. We’ll see.
Erin’s older brother, Galen, he ran away before the time of the story’s beginning, to fight, and I was originally intending to only mention him, and the family not know anything of his whereabouts, and then they find out that he died. But then my brain took the route of having him come back to make amends… another thing we’ll have to see about XD.

Erin is extremely protective of her younger brother, Deris. I’m hoping to add a heart-wrenching scene that involves him getting taken by the soldiers (possibly because they know who his father is and what he is doing). **tries to think of something else to say besides “we’ll see”**

I guess telling you one plot event has turned into me telling you a summary of almost everything I have planned, lol. Anyways! Bye! ~Melody

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