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No, I haven’t! I’ll have to see if I can find it because that sounds super helpful. Thank you so much!

Anytime! 😀

Ok cool! I don’t think I remember kittens in it. XD

Well then, whoops. I trust your memory better than mine. I must be thinking of something else. 😛

 The Witch of Blackbird Pond is definitely my favorite. It’s got everything I love in a book.

Now I feel like I have to reread it, because you love it, and I remember liking it, but I can’t remember why. XD

Though, I remember my mom and I cracking up because we actually know a couple named Matthew and Rachel Wood.

Ok cool! A lot of people here seem to be homeschooled which is super cool.

Yeah! It’s always fun finding other homeschoolers. 🙂

where are you from?

Oh goodness. XD

*takes deep breath*

I was born in Illinois, moved to Texas when I was seven, moved to Oaxaca (a state in Mexico) when I was eight, and moved to Guerrero (another state in Mexico) when I was nine. I moved back to Texas when I was ten, and then back to Guerrero when I was eleven. Between eleven and thirteen I moved a lot between two different towns in Guerrero. At fourteen I moved back to Oaxaca, and at fifteen back to Guerrero, which is where I still am.


So yep. I have no idea where I’m from. Take your pick of any of the above mentioned places. 😛

How about you? Where are you from?

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