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I love that! That sounds like such a good theme! I love it when villains have dimension and actually feel human, more than just “bad! Very bad! The Worst!” Gray characters are so fascinating in general! I really like the theme of how people should be seen as individuals, not stereotypes.

Thanks! (Gray characters really are, they’re so cool!) I feel like writing this’ll help me break out of my own preconceived notions of what stereotypes I should be.

I’m actually planning a WIP that tackles a similar theme. I don’t have it worked out yet, but basically, the main character is an immigrant after her country went through a crisis of some sort, so a lot of people have immigrated and there’s distrust against them because people think they’re inferior, untrustworthy, taking their jobs, etc.  Like what happened when Irish and east-European people immigrated to America. So basically, my main character has to hide that she’s an immigrant if she wants to get work, so she learns that it’s something to be ashamed of and she rejects her heritage. I think it could be interesting to write about Any feedback?

That would be a great story to work! I know I’ve been told before if I want a good job/college credit in the future I shouldn’t mention I’m Catholic and I know plenty of family members who’ve had trouble because they’re openly Catholic/Christian/homeschooled, so I mean it’s definitely a theme very relevant to today.
The MC would probably have to be a fairly well-rounded character to avoid becoming an underdog stereotype, and probably want to be wary of it being applied to current immigration and black lives matter politics or just confront that one head on cos that political atmosphere is just riveted stereotypes on either side.
I like the idea it’s got a lotta potential depending on how you work it.

Fun fact! This is definitely a second-draft development. Their father was mentioned once in the first draft, and that was only in passing. I do think it makes a lot more sense because it explains their behavior a lot more. And also, it’s only natural for them to react to it, I mean: There was a massive war when Liorah was six and Gavril was eleven, and then their father died two years later. Honestly, you don’t forget about something like that quickly. I kind of love how Liorah and Gavril reacted to it in exact opposite ways, it makes it really interesting.

It really does it makes their characters so much more relatable and I mean if Liorah was just sassy and Gavril was just Mr Perfect there’d be no character. But as it is they’re really great ping-ponging off each other!

I’ve seldom read something more accurate XD Sahar and Acyn are more like “Ooh, let’s get popcorn, this is getting interesting!” (Trust me, that’s exactly what they do. I’m 99% sure they bet on who’s going to apologize first.) Gav and Liorah actually don’t argue that much, but Ferran is just the natural mediator. I find it beyond hilarious how everyone just instantly goes like “This one. This one is my favorite.” as soon as Ferran appears. It’s happened so freakishly often that’s it’s kind of funny. Also how people like Liorah a lot more than Gavril? I mean, Liorah dedicates most of her time to making stupid decisions and picking fights, and Gavril just does everything right, but everyone (including myself) prefers Liorah XD I guess she’s just more interesting XD

LOL, I know some characters they can hang out with in my WIP *like, literally everybody at some point in that story…*
Yeah most people seem to just like the crazier characters or characters with attitudes like most people like weird conversations as opposed to ‘polite conversations’. I guess interesting is more interesting than important is important especially in entertainment.

Okay, awesome! That’s what I need on my manuscript too, I just want it to seem reasonably coherent XD Just wanted to ask, in what format is your story? You’ve described it as a comic several times. Is it in a comic format already, or is it still a script, or are you writing it as a novel? Oh, I never actually asked, but what genre is Beyond all Borders? Is it sci-fi, or contemporary, or neither?

Ok! Format; it is not in comic format yet still in scripting process, on which subject, do you wanna critique in script format or in the rough sketch which’ll give more of the accompanying visual with the dialogue (both of each are a new medium for me)?
And genre, it’s…*thought this was a very straightforward question until trying to answer it lol*, it’s…probably somewhere in science-fantasy; it has modernized fantasy creatures like vampires and werewolves and all that is normal but the story relies on technology more than magic but it’s reminiscent of Prohibition ascetic and historical politics (which is @rusted-knight’s area of expertise so I know the tech is historically and tactically efficient). Soo historic cyber-punk with action/adventure/espionage? I’ve never actually pinned down a clear definition for it what’s contemporary in the writing genre?

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