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My current main story does not have a name, and I’ve only written 900 words. I’ve done a lot of brainstorming though 🙂

It’s about a girl named Erin who lives in a country over taken by a large (and growing) rebel group who calls themselves the Insurgents. At the beginning, her Father leaves to fight against them, and as the oldest, she’s left to care for her weak mother and 2 siblings.
I’m hoping to make it a more gripping story, one that my readers can really get into… but we’ll see. I have some cool plot twists that I’ve planned but not written yet.

Another story that I had previously started as my 2nd main story (also without a title) I have 1445 words. Here’s the basic premise:

Chloe Loran worked at a daycare till a horrific car accident seriously injured her. Struggling with depression, guilt, and many serious physical issues, she must turn to God for help with her relationships and her physical and emotional needs.

I’m also working on a collaborative story here on SE, which has been so fun!

So, yeah! I really don’t write enough, or else I’d probably have way more written 😛 It’s something I want to make more time for, but struggle to. I’m hoping this summer I can really progress, instead of getting stuck in plot ruts and not knowing how to continue, but we’ll see.


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