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Sounds like a fun side story! But poor guy (or gal) who chokes on a fishbone. 😛

Eh, it wasn’t bad. Guy 😉

Me too haha. Though, I kind of think everyone needs something, but those somethings are all different and of varying degrees of -how should I say it? Uh…- difficulty to fulfill? Cuz all characters have motives and stuff but some are more motivated than others.


*rereads what I just wrote* *realizes how rambly that is* Well…I hope you know what I meant.

Yeaahh I actually had that same thought the second I hit submit *facepalm* but I think you understood what I meant lol. Oh, and, your ramble was awesome 😂

Ah yes, but sad things can be nice. Sometimes. Like a bitter-sweet thing. That’s also really cool that you tell your family about your stories! I have a feeling my family members wouldn’t enjoy talking and brainstorming fantasy as much as I do, (My brother and dad are both programmers, my mom is more interested in debating and politics, and my sister isn’t all that into books in general) so I just don’t talk about it. Which is why I talk to you lovely SE people.

Yes very true but that’s not usually how my stories work XD. For some reason I LOVE the books that make me cry so I’m determined to write one that’ll make me cry and my mom knows that.

You’re family sounds very interesting. I don’t really talk to my family about my books, I mainly like talk and they pretend to listen (you know, that whole “smile and nod” thing) The lovely SE people (like yourself) are definitely amazing for that.

Yes! A pirate book! I haven’t even met these guys but I love ’em. XD

Well I’m really glad you do XD I must be really good at pirates if you already love them before a proper introduction. (that or I talk too much that you’re forced to love them 😛)

Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you ever know who would love the person you hide.

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