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The pirates force him to make dinner and that’s a disaster because he’s never cooked before then when he finally gets done it’s not how the pirates like it. They don’t like bones in their fish. And yes, one does choke on a bone.

Sounds like a fun side story! But poor guy (or gal) who chokes on a fishbone. 😛

 In fact, there is always someone in need in my stories XD

Me too haha. Though, I kind of think everyone needs something, but those somethings are all different and of varying degrees of -how should I say it? Uh…- difficulty to fulfill? Cuz all characters have motives and stuff but some are more motivated than others.

*rereads what I just wrote* *realizes how rambly that is* Well…I hope you know what I meant. 😛

Mom: “is it sad”

Me: “yes”

Mom knowing how my brain works: “I don’t want to hear about it”

Ah yes, but sad things can be nice. Sometimes. Like a bitter-sweet thing. That’s also really cool that you tell your family about your stories! I have a feeling my family members wouldn’t enjoy talking and brainstorming fantasy as much as I do, (My brother and dad are both programmers, my mom is more interested in debating and politics, and my sister isn’t all that into books in general) so I just don’t talk about it. Which is why I talk to you lovely SE people. 😉

The pirates seem to be everyone’s favorite characters so they might just deserve their own book.

Yes! A pirate book! I haven’t even met these guys but I love ’em.  XD

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