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Oh no, is choking on fishbones involved? XD

In a way… The pirates force him to make dinner and that’s a disaster because he’s never cooked before then when he finally gets done it’s not how the pirates like it. They don’t like bones in their fish. And yes, one does choke on a bone.

Yeaaaah it is sad. Though, at least for me, I feel like people who have been hurt more need more love shown to them. So, like I told Wingiby Iggiby, Offo is my favorite just because he’s so loveable and in need of love.

Very much so. That’s probably the main reason there’s almost always someone in need (like Offo) in my stories. In fact, there is always someone in need in my stories XD

And heh I have been told before that my stories are rollercoasters; either super happy or super depressing, and very little in between. I need to work on that lol.

Sameee. Any time I tell my mom I have a new plot idea this is the dialogue:

Mom: “is it sad”

Me: “yes”

Mom knowing how my brain works: “I don’t want to hear about it”

Well of course you must appease the 11 year old cousin! What else would the next one be? XD

I guess that’s true XD The pirates seem to be everyone’s favorite characters so they might just deserve their own book.

Hm, not really. 😛

Yeah… I didn’t think it would. XD

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