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Oh no! I hate when that happens. Zara seems like a good mermaid name though. Do you have any ideas for other names for her yet?

I know! And Tara is a good southern dwarf name so I can’t decide which one to change.

No, I haven’t. But that won’t be hard. I just look up baby names or unique baby names or baby boy/ girl names or baby names that start with the letter_ or-you get the idea.

 Makes prefect sense lol. What is Julian’s backstory?

I’m glad you agree lol. You know, he doesn’t really have a backstory. His part doesn’t really require one. All that really gets mentioned is that he can’t cook and his mom always takes the bones out of fish when she makes it (it’s a long story)

Offo sounds super cool, but his backstory is incredibly sad. It would probably make me cry because I’m weird and cry over everything including books.

Aw, that’s sad. Maybe they can have their own separate book of pirate adventures.

My 11 year old cousin has already decided that I’m making a series with this book and the next one is going to be the pirates revenge 😂

Hm, yeah that is hard. The same thing happens to me sometimes; you’re not alone, at least! 😛


What personality do they all tend to lean towards?

That makes me feel better 🙂

Sarcastic and funny. Surprised?

Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you ever know who would love the person you hide.

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