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Pacing is NOT weird!!! In fact, y’know, in like all movies when someone’s thinking, they’re pacing. I think it probably helps stimulate you, and I’ve found that I like to walk in circles until I’m dizzy when I’m reading a poem or reciting memory verses. Also, I use “like” way too often, ha ha, so I get the “literally” thing. 😉 And YES! When I overthink something, it doesn’t ever turn up half as good if I don’t.


Thank you! I love it too, they literally came to me mostly developed in one flash. I love it when that happens XD I totally agree on mixing personalities! Nothing’s more boring than characters who might as well be named ‘sidekick 1’, ‘mentor’, and ‘love interest.’ Or even worse ‘sidekick 1’, ‘sidekick 1, but female’ and ‘sidekick1, but blonde’ XD

Exactly! I hate it when that happens in stories: side characters that do nothing to enhance the plot except to be there! Interesting characters make the world so much more vivid and real. That is why two girls, an old woman, a cowboy, and a lizard man are all teaming up in my book! Yay for chaos! 😛

I also really like it when ‘good guy’ characters are antagonists to the protagonist or if the good guys have strongly differing opinions about stuff. That’s always fun!

Yes! It certainly serves to make things so much more interesting!!

Hmm, good question! I’ve had really good ideas before drifting off to sleep, and cleaning is excellent for that too! Sometimes when I’m writing, I improvise something I didn’t expect and that leads to even more stuff. I love it when that happens! I’ll usually be absently thinking about my characters at any given time.

Ah, yes! Same! I am constantly being called out of “character development world,” XD

That’s the best name! We had a big rooster named Nelson, after Horatio Nelson.

Ha, that’s awesome!

Thanks! I’m kind of leaning in that direction too.

Anytime! 😉


Sisters are the best. Period.

Oh, and @lonathecat, Offo’s story sounds so sad! 🙁

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