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There have been countless times that I forget about a part of my story then in a later chapter write something that completely ruins that first part. I know I’m rambling so here’s an example… We’ve been talking about Tara. I completely forgot about her and then named a mermaid Zara   I will definitely have to change that.

Oh no! I hate when that happens. Zara seems like a good mermaid name though. Do you have any ideas for other names for her yet?

He’s the most sarcastic of my characters, therefore he’s my favorite.

Makes prefect sense lol. What is Julian’s backstory?

You’ll have to tell me about him

Well if you insist… XD A shortened version is his name is Offo and he grew up best friends with his sister, who was born blind. When they were older, his sister died in a fire, and he was never able to get over it. So, he moved into the mountains and became a hermit. In his little cottage, he works on building an automaton that he named after his sister. And yep. 🙂

 I planned out my favorite characters’ (the pirates) lifestory and 95% doesn’t get mentioned in the story XD

Aw, that’s sad. Maybe they can have their own separate book of pirate adventures. 😀

Well thank you! You are a very sweet human.

You’re welcome! And thank you!

I reread my entire story a little bit ago and most of my MCs seem like they could be the same person because they have the same personality.

Hm, yeah that is hard. The same thing happens to me sometimes; you’re not alone, at least! 😛

What personality do they all tend to lean towards?

That is super cool!! And I love that name you gave them.

Thanks! 🙂

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