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I guess just friends. That might change later on but for now they can just be friends who bug each other like crazy. (I’m the writer yet I sound so clueless XD)

Nice! I love how the closer friends are, the more they act like siblings. Also known as managing to bug each other each other 24/7 but still taking bullets for the other person. XD

(And haha, I get that. There are certain aspects in our books that we can talk on and on about and then there are the other details that we routinely forget exist. 😛 )

Mine aren’t MCs either they’re only in like one or two chapters, but if they weren’t in the story it would be quite complicated.

It’s a puzzle, isn’t it? lol.

Do you have a favorite of your MCs? Your comment about Tara and Earl made me think of it because a favorite of mine is actually a side character that comes up for only a couple chapters. Though, for some reason I still came up with his whole lifestory and everything. He’s honestly more developed than some of my MCs. It’s a problem. XD

I know, a complete fantasy and all you get is them boring humans.

Humans can be great! You, for example, are a very nice and interesting human. 😀

Your humans would just need good personalities to make up for their normalness in a fantasy world.

What about yours?

I think around half of them are human and then the other half are a race I made up called Illians. They look exactly the same as humans but they have the ability to heal things. On the down side, they are super analytical and have a hard time feeling emotion. Most of the time they are just set on “fixing” things.

Same to you

Aw! Thank you! 😀

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