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Rough drafts are always the worst but it probably would’ve been so much better if I had known what I was doing, lol.

I couldn’t agree more. Though I suppose it’s a learn as you go type of thing. So, maybe we couldn’t have known everything at the beginning anyways. XD

At least for me because I’m super sarcastic XD

Same. It’s fun lol.

Mine have that southern attitude, obviously, but there’s two dwarves, Tara and Earl and they are always arguing and it’s kinda funny (in my opinion) They are my favorites.

Aw! They sound so huggable. Are Tara and Earl husband and wife, siblings, or just friends or something else?

Are your dwarves MCs?

Oh no, haha. They’re just another race that trades with my main character’s race. I haven’t named any of the dwarves, just developed their culture a little since they have influence on the countries they trade with. What race/species are most of your MCs?

If I’m asking too many questions let me know. I just like hearing about other people’s stories.

You’re good! It’s quite fun talking with you! 😀

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