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Hi Madelyn!

That sounds amazing! I look forward so much to the moment of completion. What is your book about?

It’s sooo satisfying! Here’s the blurb for the first book:

Seven tribes live in harmony in the deserts of Yerasht, or so it seems. A powerful tribe waits for an opportunity to rule the land unchallenged.

When the newly crowned king of the Lehabim is captured in an unexpected attack, impulsive princess Liorah must find a way to save her brother.

With the aid of her friends, bubbly Sahar and cynical Acyn, Liorah must rescue her brother before it is too late. If she fails, all she holds dear is lost. The enemy, Hakan, ruler of the Kezbes, will stop at nothing to destroy her family and her tribe.

Liorah becomes entwined in a war bigger and more dangerous than she bargained for. Not everyone is to be trusted and nothing is as it seems in the deserts and cities of Yerasht.

Your book sounds awesome! Neva sounds like such a cool character, and it’s so interesting that we’re both writing about princesses XD

 Surprisingly, though, I enjoy actually editing. It feels so satisfying to polish things up. I often edit the last thing I wrote rather than actually go on writing… which is more likely than not why my writing often goes at the pace of a sleepy sedentary sloth.

I do like line-editing too! I usually do a quick line-edit after I finish each chapter, which helps me get a better view of the chapter. It’s quite fun to see it emerging clearly.

Fun!! I am slightly in awe of people who can draw things digitally. Whenever I try, it feels nearly impossible!! It’s so hard to manipulate the lines and colors with my finger.

Yeah, I don’t think I could do that either! I use a desktop and a drawing pad, and I really love that!

Yes, I enjoy drawing with colored pencils and some sketching. I usually stick to landscapes, but I’ve more recently been trying to learn how to draw realistic people. What sort of things do you draw?

That’s awesome! I’m not that good at landscapes, but I’m trying to improve by adding detailed backgrounds to my drawings.

I mostly draw my characters (and other characters, I love making fanart). My style is semi-realistic, with kind of a Disney influence. I drew my profile picture 😉

I definitely see your description! Yeah, sometimes writing for more casual things (like forums) really helps progress skills for the bigger projects (novels). That’s why I regularly take a break from writing to enter a contest or write a poem.

Ooh, yes! That helps so much. I’m in one of the character castles, and it’s helped me soooo much. You get to put your characters in the weirdest situations to see what they do, and you can get feedback on them. And you aren’t tied to a plot or a tone, so you can goof off every now and then. (For example, I once made the malevolent castle speak in a ridiculous southern accent for no particular reason. And I think one of my characters is currently doing backflips in zero gravity? No, actually, she just stopped. XD) It’s been so helpful!

Oh, yeah, I love trying to learn Victorian slang! It can be so fun to pop it into an everyday conversation. The English have such a cool dialect! Their accent, their phrases, etc, etc…

IKR! Though, the Victorian writing style can be a little odd sometimes XD Info dumping wasn’t frowned upon yet, and it shows XD And some super mundane actions are so vastly exaggerated “He threw himself onto the chair,” when only sitting down jumps to mind XD


I think I mostly relate to the wit (when I use wit) of C. S. Lewis, Jane Austen, and E. Nesbit. All those English authors   As far as characters, I think that Andrew Peterson has created some of the deepest characters that I’ve read, so I most aspire to his character creation. With world-building, I really admire the extensive work of Tolkien. He’s probably the reason that my world got so… complicated… ;). With prose, I relate to Jane Austen and Susan Warner.

That’s so cool!

I’ve heard of The Ranger’s Apprentice; what’s it about?

Oooh, here we go!!

Okay, so it’s about an orphan, Will, who gets accepted into the mysterious Ranger corps. They’re an elite group of scouts, spies, and special forces who maintain order in the kingdom. That’s the shortest summary I can possibly give XD

There are eleven books, and four books in the sequel series, Royal Ranger. And there’s another spin-off series, Brotherband, which has eight books.

My favorite part about RA is the character relationships! There are some amazing friendships in there, and the romances are pretty sweet. The series gets better as you go on, the best books are numbers 7-9. (In my opinion XD) The series is overall quite clean, not much violence (less than Ascendence), and only mild cursing. There are some fantasy creatures in the first two books, but they make no reappearance after that point. The worldbuilding is pretty good, if not super original.

What’s your favorite part about your current WIP?

What is Neva like? She sounds like a cool character!

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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