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Still continuing the above

21. What are you ashamed of doing?

Drowning Sindri.  I should not have let my anger get the better of me.

22. What line will you never cross?

I’ve never really had lines to begin with.  I would say I’d never harm an innocent to get to someone else, but I know myself too well to say that.  I suppose the only thing I can say in my favor is that I would not turn one’s loved ones against them, but that is merely because I lack the means.  And because Ingor has no such weaknesses to exploit.

23. Is there something in your life that irritates you daily?

Being questioned.  Most often it is Serpo, because he distrusts me, but he attempts to be respectful about it.  Hester’s bitter cynicism is also grating.

24. What is something you will never forget?

Watching as Ingor dragged a blade across Cynthia’s neck…that may have been the singular time in my life I have felt completely powerless.

25. What is something funny you do? Do you have any weird habits?

I do not take much interest in humor, but Rolinde finds it amusing whenever my emotions manifest through my syne.  Most often this causes a localized rainfall over my head.

26. If you could erase all ties (you don’t have to); what do you want to do/go more than anything?

I don’t often spend time considering questions like this, but where I would want to go more than anything is home.  Back to a time when it was just my family and myself, without the threat of Ingor or his Maeres.

27. Where you are now, what is your life goal?

My goal is to rid the world of Ingor, regardless of the cost.  I have yet to destroy the wraith but I did succeed in washing out the coastline to isolate the Nightwold as an island.  The effort nearly killed me.

28. What are you willing to do to achieve said goal?

Anything.  Ingor has taken almost everything from me.  I plan to do so in return, no matter the personal cost to me.

29. What/who are you willing to die for?

If my death brings about Ingor’s, I will be content.  The only person I would sacrifice myself for is Cynthia – she is the only one who means more to me than my vengeance – but I have already lost her.

30. What are you willing to murder for?

If you were to tell me that the murder of an innocent life would give Cynthia back to me, I would not hesitate.  I also do not hesitate to eliminate anyone that gets between me and my goal.

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