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Ah that’s great! Southern Dwarves. I love it! XD

Thankyou 😁

Though, I get what you mean about coming up with stuff before you have more of an idea of what you’re doing. It ends up needing a lot of modifying. At least for me it does. Maybe I’m just too unorganized to come up with stuff that doesn’t need edits.

Yeah, same for me. My entire story is going to need some serious editing. Rough drafts are always the worst but it probably would’ve been so much better if I had known what I was doing, lol.

Let’s see… They hate heights, and they’re pretty sarcastic. They can come across as hostile to strangers, but within their own communities they all take care of each other.

Aw, that’s cool! Sarcastic characters are so fun to write about. At least for me because I’m super sarcastic XD Mine have that southern attitude, obviously, but there’s two dwarves, Tara and Earl and they are always arguing and it’s kinda funny (in my opinion) They are my favorites.

Are your dwarves MCs? And which one is your favorite and why? If I’m asking too many questions let me know. I just like hearing about other people’s stories 🙂

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