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Ohh, that’s cool! I love that title!


No matter! I do that too XD I love the sketches of Ehud! He looks so lively and adorable! Honestly, Ehud is one of those characters I’d just like to hug XD

Thank you! IKR! He is just such a huggable character

He and Rosy are some of the most vibrant characters I’ve read in a really long time! You did an awesome job on designing them, they feel so real and awesome!

Well, I’m not sure I really designed them they just sorta fell out of my head. I think Ehud is my inner child and Rosario is the walls I put up to protect myself (and Alessio from the first character castle is my anxiety/depression) and mostly writing about them is my safe place to try and accept myself or learn how to change things in me that aren’t healthy and learning to tell the different.
I think the only reason they’re so vibrant is I make a conscious effort to not filter myself or think what a guy or girl “should” or “shouldn’t” be like, I mean both of them break a lot of “gender stereotypes” and stuff. I know it’s really helped me, especially seeing how everybody loves these characters even tho they shatter just about every preconceived notion I’ve had about how I shouldn’t act. So…that’s helped me be more comfortable with myself.
I expect Liorah is you learning to become more assertive as you grow and losing to idea of how a “good girl” is supposed to behave. She’s probably a lot of the things you wouldn’t dare say in real life and might even cut off in your thoughts but you still feel it. It’s a healthy development and it’s tough to find out what’s independence and what’s fear of never being independent *(mind shifts to a particular character in one WIP that is…man she and Liorah would either get along great or tear each other’s hair out lol)*. Anyway-! To end that info-dump 😀

I just started rewriting Liorah’s first book. I’m entirely rewriting most of it since it was my first writing attempt ever and I had no idea what I was doing XD I have so many filler scenes XD I managed to cut the first five chapters to fit in three, slightly longer, chapters. It’s kind of a lot of work XD Have you started writing Ehud and Rosy’s story?

Ooh, yea! The vomit draft lol! I’ve only got one book that’s past the first draft, I hate writing the first draft I have to shut off my self-edit mode and it’s like “UGH I know I’m gonna delete/rewrite 99% of this I’m wasting time!!!”, but it’s, yea, really *sigh* important. I’m on like my fourth or fifth draft of my WIP and I think I actually like this draft (FINALLY). But yeah, the first attempt is always very filler as your subconscious tries to establish what’s important or irrelevant etc. It’s a lotta work XD and nobody knows what their doing on the first draft even if it’s your billionth book. (…Can I read it tho?). Erhm anyway,
Ehud and Rosy’s story; I’ve started and restarted it a lot. My brother wrote the entire first draft but a lot has changed and I’m using it like an outline now. I’ll probably like start with little prologues for each character and then cutesy little episodes that slowly web into the intrigue part until sudden the whole thing suddenly shifts into the action and you learn the whole “fun-and-games” episodes were actually building up the foundation for the plot twists. It looks epic in my head…*not on the page. Just sorta. There. Not written. XD*

Basically I need to establish a routine to buckle down and just write but I. Hate. The vomit drafting. So much. But yea, gonna work on that daily. Or at least weekly…

Don’t be scared! The worst that can happen is that you don’t like the result and you just stop. I used to be scared of drawing male characters, but I actually really like it now. Even if you don’t like the first attempt, it’ll always get better!

Point, yeah I really should. You too!?! I’ve always hated trying to draw male characters Ehud is actually the first guy I’ve been able to draw ok and that’s because he’s like so Ehud I was so fixated on drawing the personality I forgot he was a male character I had to draw lol. Didyaknow the Disney Snow White was gonna have more screen time for the prince except the animator hated drawing guys! I feel like most drawing books focus more on drawing girls than guys, or if guys then guys in girly poses or who just look really effeminate.
But yeah…coloring…I think I’ll try some new brushes and techniques 🙂
After I…actually work on…that Beyond All Borders…script…
Oh, I was just thinking, can you tell me what made you first fall in love with Rosy and Ehud? I wanna try and be sure I incorporate the really key elements of each character into the plot, I might end up writing little episodes that focus on showing those sides of each character as I develop the tension. In that case can I email you the first draft of an episode when it’s done for critique?

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