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Nice!! Yep, cybersecurity is definitely a big thing nowadays.

That’s cool!! What are your favorite hymns? That would be so cool to learn soundtrack music!! I really love that kind of music, especially the soundtracks from Narnia, The Lord of the Rings, The Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Hobbit. They’re so well done! Oh, yeah, waltzes have such a neat rhythm to them! I tried piano a few times, but I thoroughly learned that instruments are not my forte 😉

Awesome!! Personally, I prefer oil paintings to watercolor too (though they both are pretty!). My sister likes to paint to Bob Ross tutorials sometimes as well. His paintings are amazing! Do you mostly do landscapes, then?



Ohhh, that does sound like Anne of Green Gables, so it totally makes sense. I love the whimsical way that Anne describes things!

That sounds amazing! I look forward so much to the moment of completion. What is your book about? Ah, yes, editing. Though I’ve never done it, I can imagine that there’s still a world of work to do after the first draft is finished! Surprisingly, though, I enjoy actually editing. It feels so satisfying to polish things up. I often edit the last thing I wrote rather than actually go on writing… which is more likely than not why my writing often goes at the pace of a sleepy sedentary sloth.

Fun!! I am slightly in awe of people who can draw things digitally. Whenever I try, it feels nearly impossible!! It’s so hard to manipulate the lines and colors with my finger. Yes, I enjoy drawing with colored pencils and some sketching. I usually stick to landscapes, but I’ve more recently been trying to learn how to draw realistic people. What sort of things do you draw?

I definitely see your description! Yeah, sometimes writing for more casual things (like forums) really helps progress skills for the bigger projects (novels). That’s why I regularly take a break from writing to enter a contest or write a poem.

Ooh, yes, her other books are really good, so I would highly recommend them! The Railway Children is actually the only book I’ve read by her that isn’t fantasy. All the others that I’ve read are sort of a whimsical English fantasy.

Oh, yeah, I love trying to learn Victorian slang! It can be so fun to pop it into an everyday conversation. The English have such a cool dialect! Their accent, their phrases, etc, etc…

Oohhh, awesome! I’ll be sure to place a hold on it at the library. I didn’t even know that there would be another book until I got to the end of the fourth 😉 Yes, I think I know about her website. That’s cool! My sister entered a contest for it once, I believe.


I know, Jaron is so well written!! One of the most unique characters that I’ve ever read.

Yes, the first book was sooo cool. I got the sense throughout it that Sage was keeping a secret and I didn’t really know him, but that’s what kept me reading. I guessed that he was the *SPOILER* true prince before it was actually revealed, so it was cool to wait and see if I was right 😉

Ooh, I didn’t know that!! That does sound a lot like him 🙂

I think I like Jaron, Roden, Tobias, Fink, and (more recently) Darius best, but, as you said, they’re all great!

Good question!!

I think I mostly relate to the wit (when I use wit) of C. S. Lewis, Jane Austen, and E. Nesbit. All those English authors 😉 As far as characters, I think that Andrew Peterson has created some of the deepest characters that I’ve read, so I most aspire to his character creation. With world-building, I really admire the extensive work of Tolkien. He’s probably the reason that my world got so… complicated… ;). With prose, I relate to Jane Austen and Susan Warner.

I’ve heard of The Ranger’s Apprentice; what’s it about?

Whew, so, I don’t technically have an “official” synopsis, so I’ll just give an impromptu, semi-clumsy explanation:

Book Title: Escaping the Throne

When the rulers of Arlivia both die of The Plague, their daughter, Nevanna, is faced with inheriting the throne. With this great tragedy, the tensions with the neighboring country of Nenavar snapped into a declaration of war. With immense responsibility looming over her, Neva’s courage fails and she flees from the castle. On the run from her own family and friends, she travels north to the small village of Avadville and is faced with a life of the lowest peasantry. As she struggles through a life of toil and hardship, Neva’s eyes begin to open to the mistreatment of the underclass. She is becomes convicted of the suffering of her people, and inwardly questions her decision of escaping the throne.

That was more or less the premise 😉


Nice! I love Pride and Prejudice!! Have you read any of the other books by Jane Austen?

It was fun to write 🙂 Yes, I agree, I think rhyming poetry always sounds better (though I have read some beautiful free verse before!). That’s awesome! How long do you generally make your poems?

Gotcha! I haven’t heard of any of those, but, then again, I’m

That’s so funny! XD

A friend recently lent me The Prince Warrior series, and I’m on the second book. It’s an interesting series, and it doesn’t seem to follow the traditional storyline but is more of a bunch of stories in one book. I’m enjoying it.

What is The Lovely War about?

In Christ Alone My Hope Is Found.

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