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A flat character arc is when the character starts out already knowing the Truth and sticking to that belief despite trouble and testing and changing the world around them. Katniss Everdeen is a really good example. She already knows “society should be based on trust rather than fear”, and spends the trilogy changing the world around her.

A positive character arc is when the character believes a Lie, then gradually accepts the opposite Truth. They have to change, instead of the world around them.

Hope this summarized it a bit XD


XD! Liorah’s more trouble than I initially thought! ‘

You have no idea XD Liorah says “haha, nope. I’m doing this instead,” almost every time I write. XD

LOL, that was so funny!! I love their personalities! I love to mix lots of different personalities, because it always manages to keep things interesting.

Thank you! I love it too, they literally came to me mostly developed in one flash. I love it when that happens XD I totally agree on mixing personalities! Nothing’s more boring than characters who might as well be named ‘sidekick 1’, ‘mentor’, and ‘love interest.’ Or even worse ‘sidekick 1’, ‘sidekick 1, but female’ and ‘sidekick1, but blonde’ XD

I also really like it when ‘good guy’ characters are antagonists to the protagonist or if the good guys have strongly differing opinions about stuff. That’s always fun!

That’s actually really awesome! I have my main villain, his raiders, and two surprising antagonists, but one dies, like, after one or two chapters, so I’m still trying to contrive some more.

Surprising antagonists are the best! I love those! I have the opposite problem of “everyone’s an antagonist! trust no one!” XD

when do you come up with your best ideas? For me, its either while I’m actually writing, or when I’m exercising or vacuming. Yes, I’m weird, but vacuming is a great way to gain inspiration.

Hmm, good question! I’ve had really good ideas before drifting off to sleep, and cleaning is excellent for that too! Sometimes when I’m writing, I improvise something I didn’t expect and that leads to even more stuff. I love it when that happens! I’ll usually be absently thinking about my characters at any given time.

This is somewhat irrelevant, but I once named one of my snails Layfayette after the French pirate.

That’s the best name! We had a big rooster named Nelson, after Horatio Nelson.

As for your character’s arc, hmmm . . . the positive one does seem stronger, but dystopian is always cool. I seriously don’t know! I think, however, that maybe I’d choose the positive arc because it might cause more friction within the character. I don’t have much experience with arcs, so somebody else probably has better advice.

Thanks! I’m kind of leaning in that direction too.


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